Currently coveting

Hello hello! I hope you had a nice weekend. I did a lot of reading (I’m halfway through Good Neighbors and it’s excellent so far), finally tackled a heap here in the bedroom that was getting out of control, made a great banana bread from Baking Day with Anna Olson and this delicious apple crisp and did many loads of laundry. Here’s some things that have been catching my eye lately. I could have tripled the number of books (so many great ones coming out this year!) but I’ll save some more for next time. What are you currently coveting?

Need this console in my life. (It’s not going to happen but still.)

Sydney shared these twisted taper candles in her stories and I’m obsessed! 

Take note: Slow progress is still progress.

I feel like we only have soft-boiled eggs at Easter but I still want these egg cups.

All the earrings. (I can’t choose.)

Just ordered this new under eye serum after seeing it recommended in the latest Real Simple.

Books: The Sanatorium; The Phone Booth at the Edge of the World; What Would Frida Do?; Aftershocks: A Memoir; and Maggie Finds Her Muse.

Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.

2 thoughts on “Currently coveting

  1. What am I currently coveting???? easy peasy… though not tangible.
    1 ) a family visit with my kids and grand kids
    2) a family visit with my kids and grand kids
    3) a family visit with my kids and grand kids
    then, dinner at the Keg with my kids and grand kids with a huge shrimp cocktail, their great warm bread, their yummy Caesar salad followed by a medium rare steak with horseradish and baked potato and of course sour cream and a great big glass or maybe 2 of a rich red wine – preferably Barolo – this being said is making me hungry.
    Then do it all over again with friends.
    And yes that console is pretty neat and a couple of your suggested books are already on my wait list with my tablet.
    The earrings – no so much. They all remind me of the style we all wore in the seventies.
    Thanks or entertaining me with your wit and great pics.

  2. I understand why you want the console table – OMG – love!!!!!! And onto the wish list it goes!
    And the egg cup holders – must have if only to look at!
    Clearly we have similar taste! Cause we’ve fabulous like that! 😂

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