Norlii Box April 2021: Fika

I received the April Norlii Box in exchange for an honest review.

Ska vi ses över en fika någon gång? – Swedish for “Shall we have a coffee together some time?”

I miss meeting a girlfriend for tea or having one over for a cup, something I made a point to arrange once a month or so in pre-COVID days and always thought I should do more often. In Sweden these social coffee breaks with friends, family and neighbours are more a way of life, something people make a priority daily or even twice a day, usually accompanied by sweet baked goods (and tea or another drink if coffee’s not your thing). They call it fika (pronounced fai-kuh) and it’s said to prevent burnout, boost creativity and productivity, improve longevity, and increase happiness, among other things. It’s also the theme of the latest Norlii Box and maybe my favourite so far! The Scandinavian home and lifestyle box ships every other month from Denmark to Canada and the US.

Each Norlii Box includes 4 to 5 hand-picked items valued at a minimum of $110 USD:

  • Authentic Scandinavian brands that you normally won’t find in your area
  • Home interior items to create a perfect setting in your home
  • Sensing Scandinavia: snacks, naturally scented candles, socks, etc.
  • A box that creates a happy experience and makes your life spark
  • New theme in every box

The boxes are $69.95 USD/each (all prices in USD) + $9.95 shipping. Norlii Box subscribers also have access to a members-only shop where they can purchase select items from past boxes or order boxes to gift.

April’s Norlii Box included this beautiful new product card printed on a thick, matte card stock and another with a recipe for kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon rolls), which I made for fika with our little family here at home. (They’re so, so delicious!) I’ve quoted from the product card in italics below. 

Tray (Zone Denmark) The oval tray is just as functional as it is beautiful. Use it for coffee, snacks for the kids, or maybe you want to gather your oils and vinegars on the kitchen table. With this month’s theme, I envision coffee cups and plates for your Fika on the tray. ($58)

Love LOVVVVVVE this tray. The shape, the colour and the finish, the simple and versatile design. 

Tea Towel (Södahl) 100% pure organic chambray cotton in rosewood to add a little spring colour — still coordinated with the Nordic color scheme. ($12)

We are due to upgrade so many of our tea towels and the feel and colour of this one is lovely. I like the wee loop for hanging as well. 

Plates (Broste Cophenhagen) The size of these plates makes them very versatile. Place your cup on the plate, and it serves as a combined saucer and plate. Cozy and elegant, right? But you can also use them on the dinner table as small serving trays. The plates are from the same series as your coffee cups from the December box (cups and additional plates available in our member’s store) $49/2

Teaspoon (Bitz) The black velvety metal is gorgeous next to the plates — they stand out so distinctly. $20/2

The simplicity and versatility of these plates and spoons make them pieces we’ll use again and again. I really like the organic feel of the plates and the speckles throughout. I’d love more of both (happily the plates are available in Norlii’s members shop and I expect the spoons will be as well). 

As always, Norlii included an extra surprise free-of-charge, starting with these Sømod hard candies. Sømod produces sweets the same way they did when they opened in 1839 — handcrafted and made from real pearl sugar. The company is honoured with the title Royal Court Supplier. 

My hubby doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth but he finished these candies before I could sample one. He did say he enjoyed them. I think they’re little works of art! They remind me of Christmas candies (apart from the yellow one). 

Second, a sample of the Danish pearl sugar called for in the cinnamon buns recipe. (Such a thoughtful touch!)

And finally the worldwide patent-protected Brew-In-The-Bag from Denmark lets you brew and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee anywhere, anytime. 

Although it smells wonderful and my hubby is a big coffee fan we’re saving this for a friend of Danish heritage who will get a kick out of it. Reusable, great for work (if you don’t have a coffee machine) and camping!

April’s Norlii Box is valued at $139 and I absolutely love it. Once again, Norlli delivers a thoughtful curation of unique, high-quality pieces that marry form and function plus some delightful extra surprises. I’d love to see another recipe and/or craft DIYs in future boxes. I can’t wait to fika with friends and family again! 

What do you think of April’s Norlii Box?

8 thoughts on “Norlii Box April 2021: Fika

  1. What a beautiful get-away/pause right in your own home. Love the simple but layered design of the dishes and cutlery. Really sets off the amazing 👏 buns you prepared. Nothing more heavenly than the aroma of cinnamon and a good coffee for me. That pearl sugar looks beautiful, your friend will love it. After COVID, I’ll be there!

  2. “It’s said to prevent burnout, boost creativity and productivity, improve longevity, and increase happiness, among other things”
    Anything that does all that is always going to be a winner. We are all missing the full year now of the opportunity to get together with friends at the drop of a hat.

    These little gems would be a pleasure to use once our worlds open up again and although not really a baker, would be pleased to put in the effort to make kanelbullar and share it with friends over a cup of tea. Nice that the pearl sugar is included for the baking, have never seen it on our grocery shelves.

    Love the funky tray, plates, and spoons – and the tea towel is an added bonus. And yes, the candies bring Christmas memories back. Yummy.

    Thanks for the great pics and looking forward to sharing some kanelbullar with you ASAP.

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