Lookfantastic Beauty Box March 2021

I received the March Lookfantastic Beauty Box in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

You gotta be calm, cool and collected around liquid eyeliner. It can sense your fear.

Lookfantastic Beauty Box is a UK subscription box that delivers six premium beauty and skincare products for about $25 CAD/month. The March Box commemorates International Women’s Day with a special illustrated box and products curated with one message in mind: “Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and your flaws do not define you.”

“For years we only ever saw ‘perfect’ women on the face of beauty campaigns — there were no scars, spots or body hair to be seen. But things are changing. Today, more and more brands are showcasing women who have been untouched by Photoshop, and as more ‘taboo’ beauty topics are being explored in the media women are starting to feel beautiful no matter what they look like.” — Lookfantastic Beauty Box

There are four subscription options for the Beauty Box (all prices in CAD; I’m quoting the prices from the Canadian Lookfantastic site):

  • Month-to-month, $25/box
  • 3-month subscription, $24/box
  • 6-month subscription, $22.50/box
  • 12-month subscription, $21.50/box

Canadian subscribers pay approximately $12 shipping for the first box and subsequent boxes ship free. 

Each Lookfantastic Beauty Box includes a product guide that’s like a mini magazine with information on the contents and how to use them, interviews with beauty industry professionals, brand features, etc. This one features a primer on polyhydroxy acids (PHA’s), an interview with the founders of Bloom and Blossom (who have a product in this month’s box) and a timeline on the history of International Women’s Day. Like past editions I didn’t read it cover to cover but I always learn something.

AHAVA Mineral Mud Soap A purifying soap suitable for use on both the face and body, formulated to wash away dirt and impurities without stripping your skin of its necessary moisture.

I’ve been using this as a body soap and it’s fine, not my favourite scent (which I can’t identify) but I’ll use it up. I don’t find it drying like some reviewers but I agree it doesn’t have the best lather.

Brushworks Duo Eyebrow Brush A dual-ended brush to help you achieve the perfect brow with every use. The angled brush works well with both cream and powder products to help you create natural brushstroke hairs, whilst the spoolie end is great to brush through any product and create a fluffy, more feathered brow look.

I tend to use a pencil or a brow gel with a built-in spoolie so I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of this brush. This might be something I’ll pass along to a friend.

Lottie London AM to PM Retractable Eyeliner (Black) A pencil eyeliner with a gel finish to add drama and definition to your eye makeup look. With a formula that will glide effortlessly over the eyes, avoid any pull or discomfort. Complete with a retractable sharpener to keep the liner in tip top condition.

I don’t have a steady enough hand for liquid liner so a pencil is the way to go for me. Goes on easy and looks profesh. And how genius is the built-in sharpener? Lottie love for this one. 😉 Would be great to see in brown as well.

Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil A revitalising hair treatment perfect for dry and damaged hair, full of antioxidant and regenerative properties that penetrate your hair and scalp. Protecting your hair from split ends and breakage as well as treating coloured hair by restoring pigment and leave it looking vibrant and healthy.

My hair could use some TLC and this hair mask was such a treat. Made my tresses feel silky soft without weighing them down.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads Facial pads infused with ingredients to promote a natural, healthy glow to your complexion. Suitable for daily use, they work to reduce the look of pores and fine lines whilst brightening and smoothing the skin. Safe to use on even the most sensitive skin types.

Mini packs like these are so good for travelling that I was almost tempted to tuck it away for a future trip but the way things are going, that’ll still be a long while off. These pads are gentle and convenient and I do think they make my skin a little brighter but at $42.50 for 60 I wouldn’t buy them myself.

Bloom & Blossom Wonder Worker Multi-Tasking Balm A versatile, skin-loving wonder balm filled with a blend of nourishing ingredients to condition and hydrate your skin. Whether you’re suffering from chapped lips, dry hands or have a little one in need of extra soothing, this natural balm can help. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties to protect, condition and treat even the most delicate of skin.

I’ve been using this balm on my hands and elbows and they’re feeling and looking much smoother and softer. With castor seed oil, lavender oil (which smells wonderful!), vitamin E and shea butter.

Polaar IceSource Ultra-Moisturising Mask A cooling treatment that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Combining three active ingredients, this face mask nourishes your complexion by warding off dryness and dehydration. Its uplifting scent will also revitalise your senses.

The thick consistency of this cream makes it feel like more of a wintertime staple for dry, wind-ravaged skin than something you’d use coming into the warmer months but ahhhh it’s wonderful. Like a tall drink of water for your face. Massage into slightly damp skin after your bath or shower until fully absorbed.

The March Lookfantastic Beauty Box wasn’t a total hit for me but I still think it’s well worth the price. I’m sure I can get five or six uses out of the hair mask, the balm and the moisturizing mask even more and the eyeliner months and months. And the box itself is just beautiful. I haven’t decided what I’ll use it for but it’s definitely a keeper.

Are you a Lookfantastic subscriber? What do you think of the March Beauty Box?

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  1. Creative Cat

    Yes I have been tricked by black liquid liner… almost done, and blink… NOO!
    It’s great to have fresh choices to pamper oneself with. My hands still look like they’re rivaling sand paper even though we’re in Spring. Gotta be all that extra handwashing and sanitizing.

    1. try small things

      Going into year two I feel like we could all use some pampering each month! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Phyllis Anderson

    AHAVA Mineral Mud Soap- I don’t use any kind of soap on my face – into pure coconut oil as a cleanser and that feels wonderful, but would use this on my body to give it a try.
    Brushworks Duo Eyebrow Brush- My blond brows get enhanced with a soft brown pencil, but this as an added shaper would get used for sure.
    Lottie London AM to PM Retractable Eyeliner (Black)- Again a soft brown powder is my liner – never black, too harsh for me. And powder is very forgivable.
    Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil- Not into masks, my skin seems too sensitive these days so not trying anything new outside of my normal regime.
    First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads – These do sound wonderful but pretty pricey.
    Bloom & Blossom Wonder Worker Multi-Tasking Balm- Bring on the body lotion to help get our winter dry skin ready for spring.
    Agreed- the box is not a complete winner, but still has value, so please keep your onions and great pics coming.

    1. try small things

      Coconut oil as a cleanser! How interesting. I’ve never heard of that! 💌💌

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