Currently Coveting: the Mother’s Day edition


Okay so no shortage of ideas here for Mother’s Day, including several items that have been in my cart at one time or another over the past couple of weeks. I hope you find a few things you’d like for you too! (Let me know in the comments!)

This dreamy sheet set is from the kids’ section but sophisticated enough for adults.

And for the bedding: this linen and fabric spray.

Mirror mirror on the wall, which one is fairest of them all? The super wavy vanity mirror or this one?

I feel like this DIY punch needle pillow kit would be so satisfying to make. This one too.

Lumpy bumpy taper candles made in Montreal. And these curvy ones.

Chopsticks in all the colours.

Always something IKEA! Lately it’s this chair.

A terrazzo stool for outdoors and in.

No grout to clean with this faux tile floor mat.

Super-soft denim coveralls! And since we’re already there, one Everlane smocked tee in white, svp.

A chic handbag.

Yes these pj’s are a little much price-wise but cute!! (Cutest in pink obviously.)

Again with the linen, this time in a charming apron.

Resilience roll-on perfume.

Books: The Photographer: A Novel; The Antropocene Reviewed: Essays on a Human-Centered Planet; Rebel Homemaker: Food, Family, Life; Early Morning Riser: A Novel; Fight Night; and No Words: A Novel.

Sweet Reads’ Summer Suspense Box.

2 responses to “Currently Coveting: the Mother’s Day edition”

  1. What a pretty and varied wish list. Me – not the sheets, though nice, but the yellow bedspread as shown in the same shot. I never see yellow bedspreads and I have had mine for many years. The hand bag is very classy, the apron is fun as so are many of the items shown. Hope that one or two of them end up at your place on Mom’s Day.

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