Simple summer days Scandinavian style: Norlii Box June 2021

I received June’s Norlii Box in exchange for an honest review.

Hello hello! I hope your week’s off to a great start. We’re got blue skies and 32 degrees here in Ottawa and I’ve just come inside after eating a popsicle on the back deck, one of those simple pleasures that signal summer is here. “Simple Days” is the theme of the latest Scandinavian home and lifestyle box from Norlii, this one with a collection of items from renown nordic brands for an easy-breezy summer vibe. The bi-monthly subscription box ships from Copenhagen, Denmark to Canada and the US and now the UK and the EU too. (I think that might be new since April’s review.)

The candle holders and mug on our side table there are from December’s Norlii Box and they’re some of my favourites. The simple design and the mix of textures feel inviting and cozy and I get a lot of use out of them. Win win win!

Each Norlii Box includes 4 to 5 hand-picked items valued at $120 USD or more. Subscriptions are $69.95/box + $9.95 shipping (all prices in USD) and single boxes are $79.95/box + $9.95 shipping. (Free shipping on your first box when you subscribe to Norlii’s newsletter.) Subscribers also have access to a members-only shop where they can purchase select items from past boxes or order additional single boxes.

The product card has an introductory message on one side and a description of the contents on the back. It’s printed on a lovely textured cardstock that makes an elegant first impression and of course the photography is gorgeous. I recognize the pictures from Norlii’s Instagram. They shared peeks of the June box there so I knew what was in this one but I still appreciate how they pack the product card contents-side down so you can be surprised it you want.

“New Nordic Living is ideal for creating a space to ease your mind and add a relaxing feeling at home. Use the color tones of light blue, white, grey, and beige; bring aspects of nature inside; and allow time to fly — now you are well on your way to more simple days.”

— Linda Hasselbalch, Norlii Founder

As always, June’s delivery was packed with care and all of the items arrived in pristine condition.

Jigsaw Puzzle When designer Martin Schwartz created this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, he spent a few months on the island of Bornholm to be sure to catch the soul of this magnificent place. Bornholm is located right between Sweden and Denmark and is a favorite place to visit in the summer. Puzzles are good for mindfulness, and I am continuously amazed at how time seems to slow down when I let it fly. ($38)

I love that in-the-flow feeling that you get working on a puzzle and how you can dip in and out of it when you feel like it. One of those easy breezy, carefree activities that’s perfect for summer. And the image is beautiful! We have a puzzle on the go that we need to finish but maybe we’ll open this right after. Unless there’s a post-vax invitation to a cottage in the offing, then I’ll save it for our visit. Cottages and puzzles go hand in hand.

Vase A small cocoon vase from House Doctor. I think I will use mine with beige grass or rush to add a beachy style to my home. Or don’t add anything: display the vase on top of the books you want to read this summer. ($15)

I absolutely adore this vase. The cocoon shape reminds me of those cute cave-like cat beds and the I love the colouring and the oxidization effect.

Throw Double weave in a beautiful soft cotton and linen. Use this gorgeous blanket to soften your favorite chair, or wrap it around yourself when the summer nights get a little chilly. Or maybe just add the New Nordic Living look to your sofa. This blanket from Nordal can give you all of that. ($80)

This throw is the perfect summer weight and the soft blue and white stripes are classic. It’s just my style! I feel like it’ll get even softer with a few washings.

Tea Nobody makes tea like Danish born Tina Heung, founder of Cocoon Tea Artisans. She recently won the prestigious AA Taste Award in Japan for her Green Quince Tea. Quite an achievement. You can use the small container made of recyclable tin for your used tea bag which can easily be reused a couple of times I’ve included a card from Cocoon Tea because I think Tina explains her mission so well. ($9.50)

I’m not a green tea fan so I’m tempted to gift this special tin to a friend but I’m really curious to try it too. I think I’ll save it for a time when we can drink it together. I’ll reuse the tin for sure.

Snack Summerbird is a highly esteemed Danish brand. They just launched Athletes Raw Bar, an innocent pleasure. The bar consists solely of natural ingredients — almonds, nuts, and berries chopped into visible sizes to give bite and flavor. Everything in this organic bar is carefully sourced from the best manufacturers in the world and produced in Denmark. ($4)

Sooo delicious! Big raspberry flavour embedded with generous chunks of nuts for a chewy bar with some crunch. Fresh, not too sweet and all-natural too. Norlii’s member’s shop stocks a couple of different flavours.

June’s Norlii Box is soooo lovely. I’m ready for simple summer days — Scandinavian style. It’s available now ’til sell-out and ships immediately.

What do you think of this one?

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  3. Phyllis Anderson

    Very Nice. I think my fav is the vase. So so pretty, particularly with the shape and colors enhanced by the neighboring candles.
    And agreed, puzzles and cottages go hand in hand. I have a couple and might pull one out on this muggy/rainy day…. Yours looks like fun, with the bold colors.
    Not bad value, considering all the goodies.
    Love reading your comments and always enjoy your pics.

    1. try small things

      The vase is my favourite too! They have some other ones in the shop in different shapes and colours that are also gorgeous. I’m very tempted! ❤️

  4. Cathy C

    Wow! What a cozy collection! Love the throw!

    1. try small things

      I’ve got the throw over my legs right now! So nice!

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