The Father’s Day Box from Hygge in a Box 🇨🇦

I received the Father’s Day Box from Hygge in a Box in exchange for an honest review.

I don’t know if it’s the same at your house, but around here when it comes to gifts Dad always seems to get the short end of the stick. It doesn’t help that he’s not big on celebrations and insists he doesn’t want anything. In that way he kind of shoots himself in the foot ha ha but for those of us who want to treat him to something, it can be a bit of a challenge and I feel like we often fall short. But this year was an exception. Hygge Canada sent us their Father’s Day Hygge in a Box to share with le monsieur and I think they nailed it. Ergo we nailed it ha ha. (Thanks for making us look good, Hygge Canada.) Here’s more.

Like the seasonal Hygge in a Boxes and other special editions, the Father’s Day box opened with a card with an introduction from founders Jill Kantor and Lisa Kroft, two Manitoba sisters who wanted to help others find more hygge in their lives. There are myriad ways to describe hygge but I think I like how Jill and Lisa put it best: “…being mindfully aware of the fullness of your life. This awareness brings gratitude and only expands as you being to enjoy special special moments every day. You begin to feel a true state of just ‘being’, another way to say it … feeling happy!”

Each Hygge in a Box is curated with products to pamper yourself and feel good about, high quality items from Canadian makers and businesses that are “as natural as possible, made with sustainability in mind, organic when available, from ethical and fair-trade sources and ones made with love by the makers.”

The reverse side of the card describes the contents (included in italics below).

Velvet Hammer Espresso · Jacked Up Jill is a Winnipeg, MB based coffee roasting company. They guarantee the high quality of their carefully selected beans from around the world while seeking out farms who engage in ethical practices. The beans are grown from a Women’s Collective in Columbia which fuels an ongoing cultural transformation where it grows. Jacked Up Jill wants to highlight opportunities in the field of Skilled Trades that are often overlooked, especially for women hence works with female bean growers across the globe. This blend offers notes of milk chocolate, almonds and citrus.

Dad is a bit of a hipster (I should say by “Dad” I’m talking about my hubby) and particularly enjoys discovering new coffees with an ethical and sustainable pedigree. (Why did the hipster burn his mouth drinking coffee? Because he drank it before it was cool. Ba-dum-bum-chuh.) Also notes of milk chocolate, almonds and citrus sounds delicious.

Brown Sugar Shortbread · Real Treat is based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Cochrane, AB. Real Treat believes supporting sustainable organic agriculture is one of the best ways to ensure strong bee populations, healthy ecosystems, and protect the health of others. No artificial flavours, preservatives or palm oil in any of their cookies. Made with brown sugar, these shortbread cookies are not too sweet and have a pleasing firm bite. Pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.

Jill and Lisa included Real Treat’s Lemon Herbes de Provence Cookies in their Mother’s Day Box and they were exceptionally delicious so I was happy happy to see another one of their products. Dad is more of a fan of the savoury than sweet (“I’m sweet enough already!”) so he liked that these ones weren’t saccharine. And I feel like shortbread is Dad’s cookie in that what you see is what you get. No pretense. Solid. Consistent. All delicious goodness.

Caramel Sauce & BBQ Rub · Gourmet Inspirations’ founder brings his culinary roots from his grounding on their family farm in southern Manitoba where days were spent immersed in the garden, handling fresh, hearty ingredients, and naturally in the kitchen cooking for family and friends. Each product has been carefully tested and crafted by using wholesome Canadian ingredients — always local where possible — and free of preservatives.

Salted Caramel Whiskey Sauce · Hints of toasted cream, a light touch of salt, with the smooth finish of Canadian whisky. Dizzle on waffles, ice cream, fresh fruit, fruit crisps and pies, chocolate cake, brownies and lattes.

Now I just said Dad is more one for the savoury than the sweet so he probably won’t have much of this sauce but I’m happy to have his portion and then some. My mouth is watering with the “hints of toasted cream” and “light touch of salt”.

Land and Sea Rub · This is the perfect rub for seasoning fish and seafood. Sprinkle on fresh baked potato, eggs, grilled or roasted veggies or potatoes, or mix in softened unsalted butter to make a delicious compound butter or spread.

Dad likes to wing it in the kitchen and somehow everything he makes is gold so I have no doubt he’ll turn out something delicious with this rub. Slash several delicious things. I love these suggestions!

Maple Socks · A Canadian Classic. Maple Syrup & Pancakes Mismatched Socks in an iconic Maple Socks can. There are endless ways to add plushness to your surroundings and the things you wear. Friday Sock Co. is in Calgary, AB and each pair of their purposely mismatched socks are designed in Canada, while ethically made in Italy. Produced using OKEO-TEX® certified Egyptian Combed Cotton. Expertly sewn Rosso Toe Link for a No-Feel Toe Seam™. Yarn blend extending throughout the top cuff for extra durability and comfort. Reinforced Heel and Toe, no holes here!

You can’t see it here but one of the socks has pancakes and the other one is dotted with bottles of syrup and the charm isn’t lost on Dad. The perfect pair for anyone who likes to include a touch of whimsy in their wardrobe. Plus those reinforced heels and toes should mean le monsier won’t have to darn them for years. (Not that he’d mind. I think he finds hygge in darning socks, the simple repetition with the hand-stitching, the making new of something old.)

BBQ Apron · This unisex Basic Apron is a beloved classic by Now Designs, and is truly a workhorse in the kitchen. It is made from heavyweight 100% cotton and woven on an oversized loom making is 6 inches wider than other aprons to help provide the perfect fit. Built to last and features a loop for barbeque tongs and a large front pocket to hold cooking essentials. Now Designs is a home decor design company and their corporate head office, design and distribution facilities are located in Vancouver, BC.

Soft yet sturdy, built to last and could the buffalo plaid pattern be any more perfect? Plus it has a big pocket! Dad will get tonnes of use out of this apron.

Eucalyptus Shower Steamers · Start your morning on a high by filling your shower with the refreshing scent of eucalyptus shower steamers. Based in Stratford, ON the makers at Apt. 6 saw how potent essential oils are during their daughter’s fight with severe anxiety. Her child psychologist incorporated essential oils and healing crystals in her therapy. Much to their ashtonishment, those ingredients had a very positive influence on her and they saw the benefit. They decided to start making products and haven’t looked back! A portion of sales goes to non-profit organizations that are dedicated to and focus on child mental health.

I’ve raved about the Apt. 6 shower steamers from the Spring Hygge in a Box and still every time I mention them Dad asks “shower what?” And then I go on to explain how they’re like bath bombs for your shower, how you put one one the floor of the tub and they envelop you in the most wonderful scents as the water hits it. We have had this exchange at least 8 times. Just try them already, Dad! It may take some more nudging but I’m convinced he’ll love them them when he does.

Every Hygge in a Box includes a recipe card, this one for Grilled Salmon and Foil made with Gourmet Inspirations’ Land n’ Sea Rub. Dad’s not a huge fan of salmon but I’m sure he’d make it if we asked. (And we’ll be asking for sure.)

And Jill and Lisa always include a pinecone from their summer cabin in Lake of the Woods, ON. A simple way to bring the outdoors in and a nice personal touch.

And there you have it! Hygge in a Box made gift giving easy for us this year with a thoughtful variety of premium products that the best Dad in our life will undoubtedly enjoy and share. Jill and Lisa set out to “deliver some seriously needed coziness for those who could benefit from the health aspects of taking care of themselves, slowing down and carving out a few moments to say ‘ah’.” Mission accomplished.

The Father’s Day Hygge in a Box sold for $89.99 CAD + shipping. Hygge in a Box ships to Canada and the US.

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  1. The Father’s Day Box from Hygge in a Box 🇨🇦 – try small things

    […] Hygge in a Box fave and with good reason. These steamers transform a shower into a major spa moment. And we love a […]

  2. Phyllis Anderson

    Now… there is a box of goodies that hits the spot. Your hubby loves his coffee and enjoys the kitchen and the back deck BBQ. Caramel Sauce & BBQ Rub – those two products sounds divine, I know he will make good use of them. Hope to get to sample both.
    As a true renaissance man, he knows how to darn socks – among a million other things. – those puppies with their reinforced toes and heels ( very clever ) won’t need tending to for a long time hopefully. Very fun and funky.
    His generous style and agreed “you are sweet enough”, he will be happy sharing the brown sugar shortbread – they sound yummy.
    I don’t see him much of a shower steamer kind of guy – but sneak in and throw one into the shower and I bet he will like it. And that salmon and foil sounds like another winner – maybe be more for you and me than him.
    Bravo, Great collection of goodies.
    As always, love your commentary and pics… Keep em comin’

    1. try small things

      Thank you thank you 🥰🥰🥰 And you know he’s totally getting shower bombed ha ha

  3. Cathy C

    The socks are a riot! Lots of added flavour and spicing up the food, the shower, and the weekend wardrobe! Lots of items guys might now buy for themselves but the shower steamers sound wonderful after a long day of work, or after a weekend as yard warrior.

    1. try small things

      “a yard warrior” 🤣 That’s the first time I’ve heard that. Love it! ❤️❤️

  4. Cat Forsley

    amazing !!

    1. try small things


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