Lookfantastic Beauty Box July 2021

Lookfantastic Beauty Box is a UK subscription box that delivers six premium beauty and skincare products for about $25 CAD/month. July’s wanderlust edition was inspired by summer holidays and the prospect of travel, however near or far.

There are four subscription options for the Beauty Box (all prices in CAD; I’m quoting the prices from the Canadian Lookfantastic site):

  • Month-to-month, $25/box
  • 3-month subscription, $24/box
  • 6-month subscription, $22.50/box
  • 12-month subscription, $21.50/box

Canadian subscribers pay approximately $12 shipping for the first box and subsequent boxes ship free. 

July’s goods came in a sturdy zippered pouch, perfect for packing all of your vacay beauty essentials. I really like how one side’s clear so you can see the contents at a glance. The inside of mine had a twoonie-sized pumpkin-coloured stain you can’t see here which is a bit of a bummer. I’m guessing it’s from the self-tanner mist you’ll see next.

Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser (20 ml) Want dewy, glowing skin? Who doesn’t. This priming moisturiser is here to give you the smooth, radiant complexion of your dreams. Blended with nourishing ingredients that will also brighten your skin. Perfect for use as a daily moisturiser, a primer or as a natural base.

This moisturiser has such a nice glow — I can see why Lookfantastic recommends using it as a highlighter too. The product guide shows an Elemis cleanser but includes notes on this moisturiser. I wonder if some subscribers received the cleanser instead?

Minetan Cucumber Hydrating Face & Body Tan Mist (30 ml) A refreshing face and body spray which acts as a gradual tanner to give you a bronzey glow this summer. With a lightweight formula that is instantly absorbed and zero fake-tan smell, this gradual tanner is suitable for face and body and is perfect for that golden glow.

One of my favourite new products! Beautiful, natural results; long-lasting; and easy to use (I mist it on my face and neck and smooth it out with my hands for even coverage). I can smell the faintest fake-tan scent on my skin but it’s still a vast improvement on any other similar product I’ve tried. Like sunshine in a bottle! The Canadian Lookfantastic site is currently sold out of the larger size but I’ve found it elsewhere and I’ll be ordering more.

Illamasqua Beyond Liquid Highlighter in OMG (2 ml) A liquid highlighter, taking inspiration from the brand’s infamous Beyond Highlighting Powder, that will give you a striking, strobe-like glow. Mix into your base makeup for a natural luminosity, or apply directly to the high points of the face for a champagne, glowy finish.

A tiny sample size but a little goes a long way. I tried it on my mom when she was visiting a few days ago and love how it danced on her skin, but I don’t think she was convinced. I thought it highlighted her high cheekbones, she thought it drew attention to her fine lines.

Revlon Classic Super Lustrous Lipstick (Rose Wine) A creamy lipstick that adds a pop of natural colour to your pout. Infused with a LiquiSilk™ formula that seals in both pigment and softness, for a lip look that is long-lasting and doesn’t crack or flake.

Revlon has been a staple in my beauty kit since my teens so I was excited to see this lipstick in July’s edition. Sadly it’s got more brown in it than it shows here, which won’t suit my complexion. 😢

Grow Gorgeous Defence Anti-Pollution Leave-In Spray (60 ml) A protective hair mist that shields your hair from heat damage, colour fade and external aggressors. Vegan-friendly and formulated without parabens, sulphates or silicones. Especially great for greasy hair that is prone to product build up.

If I saw this product on the shelf I’d pass it by based on the name alone — I’m such a homebody, do I really need an anti-pollution spray? But protecting against heat damage and colour speaks to me. Have you tried the Grow Gorgeous or any similar products? Are they worth it?

Starskin VIP 7-Second Luxury All-Day Mask (1 treatment) A miracle seven-step skincare regime in one handy pad that combines Starskin’s famous 7-second Morning and Overnight masks. This double-sided cleansing pad works to hydrate and refresh your complexion as it cleans, for quick but effective skincare.

This would be great to throw in your bag for an overnight trip in addition to your usual cleanser, since you’ll want to use that first. One side is textured (if you’ve ever used an Oxy pad, it’s similar to that) to massage, exfoliate and tone and the other side is smooth and coated with a moisturizing serum that made my skin feeling plump and glowy. Uber luxurious.

July’s Lookfantastic Beauty Box (er, bag) had some really lovely products, including a self-tanning mist that’s vastly better than any I’ve tried. I wish the lipstick had worked for me but overall, it’s still a winner, and I appreciate the bonus beauty bag. That alone would easily cost $10+.

Did you receive the July edition? What did you think?

I received July’s Lookfantastic Beauty Box in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

3 responses to “Lookfantastic Beauty Box July 2021”

  1. Great mix! Love red lip colour! And hair protection and tanning spray. A natural sun kissed look and good hair! Perfect look al year round – not just for summer!

  2. WOW ! ! ! !
    First off love the pics, all these lovely products floating in the clouds, gifts from the heavens !
    Not into artificial tanning – let Mother Nature look after that – but can see the benefits. When I look at my tan lines on my feet from my constantly worn walking sandals. – they look like someone played tic tac toe and i lost… So Minetan Cucumber Hydrating Face & Body Tan Mist could nicely look after that for me – waste it on my feet ? Sadly sure, why not ?
    Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturizer – if it moisturizes then yes, always a bonus.
    Illamasqua Beyond Liquid Highlighter – I do agree that these products can accentuate lines that we are in denial of if not used properly – so I tend to stay way from them except perhaps as a slight accent below the eye brow.
    Revlon Classic Super Lustrous Lipstick (Rose Wine) – great product – wrong color – sorry.
    Grow Gorgeous Defence Anti-Pollution Leave-In Spray – thanks but would pass on this one.
    Starskin VIP 7-Second Luxury All-Day Mask – sounds like a winner because “a moisturizing serum that made my skin feeling plump and glowy. Uber luxurious.” How can you not give that a try?
    Thanks for the great reviews and once again love the pics ( and the commentary ) How do these lovely products appear mysterious as a gift from the beauty gods?

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