Culture Carton August 2021: Stevenson

Culture Carton is a men’s subscription box designed to make tasteful improvements in your daily life. August’s Standard Box includes a handsome edition of a classic novel and three items for cooking in style.

Culture Carton is based in the US and offers three subscription options (all prices in USD):

Book Club Get the handpicked book of the month from Culture Carton. Start building your library now with the best of classic and modern fiction. $16/month + free US shipping.

Standard All the best men’s lifestyle items and a book every man should read delivered to your doorstep monthly. $45/month + shipping.

Essential All the best lifestyle items, hand picked by the Culture Carton team, delivered monthly. $35/month + shipping.

Culture Carton also ships outside of the US. Shipping costs vary.

Each Standard Box includes a product card with an image related to the novel on one side and a brief description of the contents and their retail value on the other. I’ve quoted from it in italics below.

August’s book is Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson ($17). This swashbuckling pirate story is an all-time classic. The special edition in this box will bring a fresh look to a classic story. It will make a great addition to your bookshelf!

We’ve seen a few classics from Culture Carton, this one another edition from Paper Mill Press. Le monsieur appreciates a good collection and the Paper Mill Press series in particular — he’s a big fan of the cover art and the ribbon page marker, ‘tho the print is pretty small and not the easiest to read. He read a library copy of Treasure Island to our son a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Maybe they’ll read it again now that we have a copy of our own.

Our first item is a canvas apron ($60) that will show you are a man with a plan in the kitchen. It will look equally good in a kitchen, or behind a grill.

A sturdy apron with a generous pocket and great hardware. Feels built to last and looks good too.

Next, a pocket flask ($15) for when you want to bring a few ounces of your favourite beverage beyond the confines of your house.

Get your fall hiking preparedness kit ready with this essential pocket warmer. Slim, lightweight and a handsome design. Note to self (or my guy): this would fit the apron pocket!

Finally, a pack of bamboo cooking skewers ($10): perfect for shrimp, chicken, or vegetables on the grill. All together these three items will add a touch of style to your next house party or outdoor grilling session.

The javelin for the year-round sport that is BBQing, LOL. We were searching the cupboards for some of these the other day but came up short, so the timing is perfect! Just make sure to give them a good soaking in water before using.

August’s Culture Carton is a call to adventure, whether that’s in the pages of a swashbuckling tale or behind the grill. And when it comes to culinary pursuits, the tools of the trade matter. Quality and design impact the the joy of cooking and eating. X marks the spot for substance and style.

August’s Culture Carton is valued at $102.

I received August’s Culture Carton in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

3 responses to “Culture Carton August 2021: Stevenson”

  1. BBQing kebabs is best enjoyed with a book and a sip of ones favourite beverage! And the apron makes your guy look like a manly man while doing manly man barbecuing! (Just kidding – would look great on anyone, but since theses boxes are targeted towards men 😂 looks good on manly men too). Nice treat or gift for any one of the favourite guys in your life.

  2. Very funky combo. love the apron, always appreciate a good book, and the skewers.
    The flask ???? do people still use those things???
    Well nothing is perfect.

    Except……..your pics and your commentary – always enjoyed.

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