Vellabox September 2021

Did you hear Keanu Reeves is starting a candle line? He’s calling it John’s Wicks. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Okay yes I shared that in my stories this weekend but that’s comedy gold, people! Comedy gold! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And a propos of today’s candle subscription box, perfect for fall (happy fall, y’all!) and all the year ’round.

It’s called Vellabox, and it’s a monthly subscription service that delivers all-natural, artisanal, paraffin- and paraben-free candles to your door, plus a surprise gift from a natural lifestyle brand. Each candle is made with 100% soy or coconut wax, top-of-the-line fragrance oils and lead-free cotton wicks.

Vellabox offers three subscription options:

The Lucerna Box Ξ‡ One 4 oz candle (about 25 hours burn time) + one surprise gift for $10/month + $3 US shipping ($8 to Canada)

The Ignis Box Ξ‡ One 8 oz candle (about 50 hours burn time) + one surprise gift for $20/month + $3 US shipping ($8 to Canada)

The Vivere Box Ξ‡ One 4 oz candle + one 8 oz candle (about 75 hours total burn time) + one surprise gift for $30/month with free US shipping ($8 to Canada)

Today we’re looking at September’s Vivere Box.

September’s candles are both by Houston, Texas maker Elevated Scentz. From professional makeup artist to candle artisan, Megan is creative through and through. She always used scent as a way to express her mood, change the energy in the room, and set the tone for the day. She always enhanced the experience for her clients with a calming aroma, and after getting so many compliments and requests for the scent details, she decided to develop her own signature line of candles. Thus, Elevated Scentz was born!

Bayou Waters (Vivere only) Ξ‡ freshwater, mint and oakmoss Ξ‡ On the bayou, life is low & slow. The water just glides along with no sense of worry or urgency. Express this kind of mindset when taking in this fresh coastal scent. Give yourself time to relax, slow down, and just be serene.

My favourite scents take me to the water, the garden or the woods and this first candle is like a magical combination of all three. It’s fresh and inviting. Vellabox also included a promo code for 20% off any Elevated Scentz purchase. Good thing, ’cause I might need another one of these.

Southern Nights (All subscribers) Ξ‡ ozone, amber and musk Ξ‡ This unique unisex scent of Mellow Ozone, Deep Musk and Golden Amber beautifully meshes together to embody just as it intends. On this warm southern night, a whistling breeze awakens the surrounding willow trees and a damp musk rises from the marshy ground. The dark is night is powerful, but the livelihood of the forest brings life.

Southern Nights has a sweetness and a complexity to it that feels very much like an evening fragrance — it’s heavier than what you might like to burn in the day and a bit formal too, like something you’d save for guests or a special occasion. I like lighting it with the Bayou Waters, mellows it out a bit.

Tosi Cashew Coconut Superbites (Bonus gift) Ξ‡ Perfectly sweet without too much sugar. It’s clean, it’s crunchy, and it’s cashew-coconutty. Take a bite and go on a snackcation. It’s the perfect travel partner that will never fail to satisfy your cravings. Feeling creative? Break your bar up into chunks to mix into your breakfast bowl, ice cream, or even ovenight oats. Vegan and gluten free.

The surprise gift is a delightfully crunchy bar made with all delicious goodness and nutritionally balanced at 130 calories per snack and 11 g of fat, 3 g of fibre, 4 g of sugar and 9 g of protein. This is exactly the kind of thing I’d keep in my purse for a quick pick me up on the go or have on hand at home for something to tide me over between meals.

Vellabox also included promo code for 15% off any Tosi purchase.

Each box includes a product card with information about the month’s contents and makers. I fished it out last because I wanted to be surprised. Do you do that too, or read the product card straight away?

Vellabox also carries its own line of home accessories, including this handsome candle snuffer.

I feel like I’ve been burning the candle at both ends this month but taking the time to sit and enjoy this September’s Vellabox has been so good for the soul. The environmentally friendly packaging, two very different but complimentary candles and the tasty (and healthy!) snack were bang on. I’m excited to see what October’s Vellabox will bring!

Do you want to try Vellabox too? Use the code VELLA5 for $5 off your first box.

What candles would you like to see in a future Vellabox?

I received September’s Vellabox in exchange for an honest review.

4 thoughts on “Vellabox September 2021

  1. I love her look and old fashion feel of the bottles candles are. Ans nice to have seasonal scents delivered to your door.

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