Ruby Crate Fall 2021 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

My 14-year-old is blasΓ© about a lot of things πŸ™„ but she couldn’t hide her excitement when the latest Ruby Crate arrived. (Suffice it to say she didn’t appreciate it when I said, “Is that a smile I see? Oh I think somebody’s happyyyyyyy!” and proceeded to do the mashed potato. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) Ruby Crate is a quarterly lifestyle box for teen and tween girls created last year by an Ontario mother and her teen daughter who didn’t see anything like it on the market. Each one is stuffed with a variety of on-trend products — think beauty, accessories, stationery and decor — and like the Spring and Grad Crates we were lucky enough to review before it, Fall’s is (to quote the inimitable Christina Aguilera) 🎡 what a girl wants, what a girl needs. 🎡

Ruby Crate ships four times a year (March, June, September and December). One-year subscriptions are available or you can purchase each box individually and you can double the treasures in each box to share the surprise with a sibling, BFF, or whoever you like.

They also have a birthday crate that can be shipped any time, β€˜tho they do suggest ordering at least two weeks of the date you’d like it delivered.

Pricing (CAD; taxes and shipping additional):

  • Year-long Ruby Crate β€” $219.80
  • Year-long Double Ruby Crate β€” $439.60
  • Single Ruby Crate (Winter 2021) β€” $59.95
  • Double Ruby Crate (Winter 2021) β€” $109.90
  • Birthday Ruby Crate β€” $64.95

Ruby Crate currently ships across Canada and the US.

Let’s get to the Fall edition! (The one we have is for teens. Ruby Crate curates a separate one for tweens.)

Each Ruby Crate opens with a card personalized to the recipient as well as a handwritten greeting card (not shown) from founders Heidi and Sienna. Such a nice touch!

First up is a pack of eight postcards to send, frame, hang or stick on a cork board. The designs are so fun! I want my own set!

Do we love or do we love?!

Next, a perfect recipe for fall: Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting by Rosie’s Kitchen Co. Lily has already made these on her own a couple of times and they are delish! Very moist and light and a great treat for school lunches. Lily brought an extra one to school last week for a friend’s birthday.

Both of us really like the super soft brush applicator on Rude’s Puff the Magic Powder Mineral Setting Powder. Translucent, vegan and cruelty free, it’s said to give makeup an airbrush-like finish without a white cast.

And for keeping those brows nice and tidy, Rude Eyebrow Gel Mascara. This one is clear but they also make it in a couple of shades of brown. Defines and grooms easy peasy.
And colourful pencils with fun sayings! We love! This Snifty Pencil Set in Oh Hello Week, Let’s Do This includes one for every day of the week like You Say Thursday, I Say Friday Eve and On Sundays We Wear Pajamas. Sharpened and ready to use or share.
A sheet of puffy Pipstickers by Pipsticks. 😍😍 The science lab theme is so well done! Stickers include a microscope, beakers, a magnet, a notepad, a clock and more.
Coco Flamingo’s Brilliant Body Polish with Coconut Oil is a gentle exfoliator that smells like the tropics (ahhh!) and nice to use when you want to take an extra couple of minutes to pamper yourself. And I can see Lily tossing the travel-sized Colab Original Dry Shampoo in her bag to refresh her hair after gym class or give it some body or just use in between washes.

Sock Footage donates one pair of socks to shelters and other people in need for every pair of socks sold, making these Hot Sox Bubble Tea Socks extra special.

This Top Knot Baseball Cap has a magnetic back closure to accommodate a high ponytail or a low one, however high you want to wear it. It’s also water resistant with breathable fabric and a moisture-absorbing sweatband. Did I mention it’s super comfortable? I want one too!

And finally a Letter Board by ArtMinds with 164 characters. The small size (8″ x 8″) is great for hanging in your locker or just about anywhere. A+ on this fun and fully customizable decor! What would your teen put on hers?

Being a teen (or a tween!) isn’t easy so it’s been so nice to see mine light up over her Ruby Crate — a box that “gets” her with the kinds of things she likes and new products to try. For a parent or aunt/uncle/friend/anyone with a teen or tween in their life it’s a great gift idea that takes the stress out of shopping.

I received the Fall 2021 Ruby Crate in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

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  1. Creative Cat

    Soooo jelly!!! 🀣 Ah to be young again.

    1. try small things

      Right?! Oh to be young again and have subscription boxes just for us!! πŸ€—πŸ€—

  2. Phyllis Anderson

    So glad that those nifty items put a smile on Lily’s face and will keep it there as she enjoys all those goodies…. She is special and deserves them all.

    1. try small things

      Aww, that’s so sweet! πŸ€—πŸ€— xoxo

  3. Joy Mills (@Jemrah1)

    that is such a fun box! I am eons away from being a teen or tween however even i love everything inside – LOL

    1. try small things

      πŸ˜‚ Me too, Joy! I guess we’re teens at heart. ❀️

  4. Cathy C

    Wow – that is packed with fun items. I can’t believe how many items they include! And all of them look fantastic!

    1. try small things

      Right? The stickers, the pencils, the hat, the letter board (!) — lucky girls!!

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