The Mindful Hygge Box from Hygge in a Box Fall 2021 🇨🇦

We’ve had a run of beautiful fall days over the past week, the kind that makes you pause for a moment to turn your face to the sun, close your eyes and revel in the wonderful feeling of warmth on your skin. Noticing the sweetness in life is what hygge is all about and practicing mindfulness can not only help you bring more of it into your life, but realize what’s already there. You’re wondering how I got this enlightened, I know. 😂 I had a lot of help from the Mindful Hygge Box. It’s the latest limited edition from the Canadian subscription box Hygge in a Box, curated with all kinds of ideas and products to help you be more mindful and experience the benefits that brings.

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

(↑ One of my mom’s favourite quotes. As much as she loves to multitask, she’s also really good at noticing life’s little gifts.)

Hygge in a Box curated two Mindful Hygge boxes — a smaller Essentials version and the larger Deluxe, the one they were kind enough to send me to share with you here.

Each Hygge in a Box includes a gorgeous product card with detailed descriptions of the contents and how to use them (I’ve quoted from it in italics below). And like their seasonal boxes, this one is thoughtfully packaged in eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

Now let’s see what’s inside.

Mindful Reading & Cooking: The Hygge Life Book · Equal parts cookbook and lifestyle guide, this cozy little book shows you how to cultivate comfort and contentment and embrace life’s small pleasures with the Danish practice of hygge. The Hygge Life teaches you how small mindful gestures (putting wool blankets and warm cider out for guests) or larger undertakings (building bonfires and making campfire bread to celebrate solstice) can warm the psyche and foster hygge. Enjoy the delicious recipes while mindfully preparing your meals.

Mindful Intentions: Mindfulness Cards · An inspiring way to begin the day, a meditation practice, or reflection. An easy way to cultivate mindful moments — anytime and anywhere. This engaging deck makes it easy to bring awareness, calm and joy to everyday life. Each card includes an inspiring phrase on the front and a bite-size mindfulness exercise on the back. You can draw one card to form an intention for the day, pull several for a more complex reading, or display around the home or office as inspiring mantras.

Mindful Illumination: Louna Rosa “Aware” Candle · This soy wax candle is scented with the essential oils of lemon verbena, vanilla and ylang ylang with healing stones that are embedded on the top. Light the candle and set your intention. Stones includes: Lapis Lazuli — brings awareness, insights and truth. Hematite — is protective, removes negative energy, calms and brings peace. Smoky Quartz — it grounds, protects, anchors and aids a positive frame of mind. Tourmaline — purifies, neutralizes negative thoughts and internal conflicts transmuting them into positive, usable energy. Made in Gibsons, BC.

Mindful Hydration: BALANCE Hydration Bottle · BALANCE was developed to transform the way you stay hydrating through Mindful Hydration, a daily balance of drinking water and practicing mindfulness throughout your busy day. The hourly markings on the bottle were carefully selected to remind yourself to drink water, take a break and be present. Fill your bottle at the start of the day and again in the afternoon with cold water. Each hour, use the markings as a guide while enjoying a quiet mindful moment. Eco-friendly and reusable. BPA-free and easy to see water level. Located in Stonewall, MB.

Mindful Mornings: Lake & Oak Sun Mylk Latte · Elevate your turmeric latte game with this 100% organic Sun Mylk, a balanced adaptogen blend of turmeric and spices with maca + ashwagandha. It is a deliciously therapeutic way to unwind and treat yourself. In the early morning, find some alone time to slip away, while supporting your immune system, reducing inflammation and calming your mind. We love the warming spices mixed wtih sweetness from cinnamon and nutmeg. Naturally caffeine free. Made in Toronto, ON.

Mindful Chocolate Meditation: RockCoast Confections Chocolate Mints · A chocolate meditation is one of the most pleasurable, ‘delicious’ forms of mindfulness meditation out there. It brings many of the same benefits of other forms of meditation, but is perhaps easier to commit to because it has a built-in reward above and beyond the general rewards of meditation: chocolate. Finally, if you’re already a fan of chocolate and trying to cut down on how much chocolate you eat, you can use this as a form of mindful eating to help yourself eat less and stress less next time you find yourself enjoying some of your favourite chocolatey desserts. Whatever your motivations, the chocolate meditation is a great one to learn. These Dark Chocolate Mints are ethically sourced 54% dark chocolate and use only natural ingredients that are free of artificial flavours and colours. Also gluten and dairy free. Made in Victoria, BC.

(The Mindful Box also included a guided meditation to pair with the chocolates.)

Mindful Bedtime Routine: Province Apothecary Sleep Bundle · Slow down and relax after a long day. It’s pretty normal for basic bedtime hygiene to happen on autopilot. But performing this routines with more mindfulness than absentmindedness can help your brain and body tune in to your approaching bedtime. If you don’t have a specific bedtime routine just yet, include something simple like moisturizing your hands and lips, flossing, and brushing your teeth or anything else that feels right for you. In addition, using the sleep well wellness roll-on will assist in feeling at harmony with your body and mind before resting into a rejuvenating sleep. These three premium products are made from the highest quality certified organic ingredients. This luxury brand is based in Toronto, ON.

Mindful Moments: Drops of Gratitude Palm Stone · Blending high vibe stone energy with a meditative practice can bring you feelings of ease, relaxation and clarity. Palm stones are used to help calm your mind while harnessing positive energy. Place the stone in the palm of your hand, or within your fingers, and gently rub it with your thumb. Deeply focus on the smooth surface. Crystals have a natural ability to cleanse the mind of chaotic thoughts. A perfect mindful tool to help alleviate anxiety and stress. Carry with your in your pocket for on the go mindful moments. Based in Calgary, AB.

Usually I comment on all of the items as we go but you’d be scrolling ’til Tuesday. I’m enjoying the Mindful Hygge Box so, so much — the wonderful book I’m excited to cook from, the mindfulness cards I’ve had on my wish list forever, the Province Apothecary lotions and potions (okay two balms and a roll-on) that have becomes essential to my new mindful bedtime routine, the incredibly delicious chocolates! (Which taste even better savoured mindfully.) And the timing of the box is perfect. I love that I have some mindfulness tools to use and practice heading into the busiest season of the year. Mindfulness isn’t always easy but the rewards are so worth it.

“A simple act of daily mindfulness can improve personal well-being and quality of life. We hope you enjoy as many mindful moments as possible.”

— Jill Kantor and Lisa Kroft, Hygge in a Box founders

The Mindful Hygge Box is sold out, but the Winter box is available to order both by subscription and as a single box, along with the Hygge Holiday Box (Deluxe version and Essentials). They’ve also just released a hygge hoodie and crewneck sweatshirt. You can get those and some other lovely hygge items (books! a tote! jewellery!) in their shop. Save 10% on all products with the one-time discount loyalty10 and 15% off your first subscription box when you purchase a quarterly subscription with the code signup15. (Woot woot! 🙌)

You’ll find Hygge in a Box on Instagram and on Facebook.

How do you practice mindfulness? What are your favourites from the Mindful Hygge Box?

5 responses to “The Mindful Hygge Box from Hygge in a Box Fall 2021 🇨🇦”

  1. I like the items to help with sleep and the water bottle also great to have water on the night stand. Sleep is so important for feeling good. And a chocolate on the pillow wouldn’t hurt either.

  2. Ok Hygge in a Box, you just keep getting it right, and this Mindfulness Box takes the Nordic spiced cake. Bravo! We cannot hope for more.

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