Hygge in a Box Fall 2021 🇨🇦

Time: *heals all wounds*

Daylight Savings Time: *stabs me in the leg*

— Ian Dukes

It’s been a week since we turned back the clocks and 5 p.m. still seems like midnight. I feel like someone stabbed me in the leg *and* ran over me with a truck, LOL. “Since the days are cooler and darker it is important to have something to look forward to,” say Hygge in a Box founders Jill Kantor and Lisa Kroft, “this is why hygge is so popular during this time of year.” Wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket, bundling up for a walk with a friend, making a giant pot of delicious stew — now is the time to pull out all the hygge stops — especially on those days when it’s hard just to pull yourself out of bed. With all kinds of hygge ideas and comforts the Fall Hygge in a Box is like a hand up, like a first aid kit for the seasonal doldrums. Here’s a look at the latest from the Canadian subscription box. (The box I’m sharing today is the large Fall box. All quarterly boxes are available in large and small and ship across Canada and the US.)

First up is this gorgeous product card. One side features detailed descriptions of the contents and tips on how to the use them while the reverse (pictured here) shares further ideas for enjoying hygge moments throughout the season. I’ve quoted from the card in italics below.

The large-sized quarterly boxes all include a recipe, often a family favourite of the founders (who are sisters). For Fall they’ve chosen their mom’s butternut squash soup. 😋😋

This is the perfect soup during the colder months when we crave something to warm the soul. It can be made vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free… an all around crowd pleaser. Warm crusty bread goes well!

Next we have these wonderful List Pads & Eco-Pens by Do Good Paper Co. from Markham, ON. Do Good Paper Co. is an ethical Canadian independent stationery company that sells beautifully designed paper products. As a mom of three young kids, the maker sets out to create products that are practical yet beautiful at the same time.

Lists Spiral Notepad · List makers, this one is for you! This gorgeous fall-coloured minimalist linen notepad features 300 pages of pre-designed list pages with check boxes. It’s time to start making your lists and checking them twice!

Eco Pen Set · Made of wheat straw, a bio-plastic that makes use of what would have become waste once the wheat is harvested. These needle-tip rollerball pens write very smoothly.

Pumpkin Spice Blend (BLUME · Vancouver, BC) Blume creates organic, plant-based functional blends for your cup, mug, smoothie, oatmeal bowl and life! Say hello to fall’s best friend. Finally a pumpkin spice blend with actual pumpkin. Organic pumpkin and maple combine in a warming cup of velvety goodness. Put your feet up, get comfortable and stay awhile. Tastes like grandma’s pumpkin pie and works perfectly with a shot of espresso. Proudly vegan, caffeine-free, refined sugar-free and organic.

Smoked Salt Toffee Bark (RockCoast Confections · Victoria, BC) RockCoast specializes in creating mouth-watering chocolately confections. This artisan-made English style toffee with almonds is coated in ethically sourced 54% dark chocolate and their in-house smoked salt. Gluten-free and nothing artificial. Seriously delicious.

Vintage Candle — Sweet Orange & Eucalyptus (Simple Ritual · Mississauga, ON) By lighting your candle, you are taking a moment to ground yourself, to be present, to honour and recognize your emotions and feelings, and to practice a daily simple ritual. Candles are all one of a kind as they are repurposed with forgotten vintage silver pieces found locally in Ontario. Made in small batches with biodegradable soy/coconut wax. They are intended to have a tarnished rustic look, but can also be polished. Enjoy the cute matches.

Sleepmask (Nitehood · Toronto, ON) The Nite Hood™ is a new kind of sleep mask. Its essential properties lay in the soft, locally knit bamboo fabric that uses opacity and stretch to make a cozy dark space for sleeping. The Nite Hood™is worn to cover the head, covering the eyes and ears, softly applying a gentle embrace, inducing you to relax and nod off. The bamboo fabric, by its nature, is temperature regulating, allowing it to feel cool when in hot and warm when in cold. It is breathable, durable and washable. We love ours. Can’t sleep without it!

Lotion & Body Scrub (Sequoia · Kahnawake, BC) Sequoia is 100% owned and operated by Indigenous women. Founded in 2002 by Michaelee Lazore who is Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) from Akwesáhsne and Northern Paiute from Nevada. The design, production, and packaging of all the products is done in the working studio locally. None of the manufacturing is outsourced. In order to keep the next seven generations in mind, the production is sustainable and ingredients are ethically sourced.

Lotion — Blackberry/Sage · Two ingredients that are widely used in herbal medicines, this Blackberry Sage lotion combines the sweet and tart scent of blackberries and herbal tones of sage. This lotion will keep your skin thoroughly moisturized and smooth.

Body Scrub — Sweetgrass (Exclusively for Quarterly Box Subscribers) · Sweetgrass is a lot harder to find these days as it grows and thrives in a wild environment. Sequoia captured this ‘wildness’ and now gives everyone the opportunity to experience it with this Sweetgrass Body Scrub. Gentle enough for everyday use. This body scrub will give you a healthy glow by encouraging cell renewal.

When you feel like snoozing the season away (and it would be easy to do with the nite hood, which is super soft and cozy and totally blocks out the light) the Fall Hygge in a Box is a wake-up call to all of the little joys this time of year has to offer. I love how Jill and Lisa included treats for all of the senses — taste the delicious pumpkin spice bevvie that warms you down to your toes; feel that wonderful lotion on your skin (now so soft, so not-leathery LOL); hear the crunch crunch of the toffee bark as you nibble away listing in your list pad all of the things you want to get to before the season ends, etc. etc. And can we talk about that beautiful and great-smelling candle in the vintage silver vessel? So stunning! You can tell so much care and thought went into creating this incredible box of Canadian-made hygge treasures. Such a wonderful gift for a loved one or a treat from you to you.

The Fall box is sold out, but the Winter box is available to order both by subscription and as a single box, along with the Hygge Holiday Box (Deluxe version and Essentials). (Today is the last day to order the Holiday one.) Jill and Lisa also released a hygge hoodie and crewneck sweatshirt. You can get those and some other lovely hygge items (books! a tote! jewellery!) in their shopSave 10% on all products with the one-time discount loyalty10 and 15% off your first subscription box when you purchase a quarterly subscription with the code signup15.

Hygge in a Box is on Instagram and on Facebook.

What hyggelig delights are you enjoying this Fall?

I received the Fall Hygge in a Box in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Okay – love the pen and notebook! And the candle is so sweet! But the night hood! Love that!!!! Great box this time!

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