The Maple Box Cozy Autumn Edition 2021 🇨🇦

“Arguably one of the most glorious seasons; the golden hues, the rustle of falling leaves, invigorating winds, cozy sweaters and warm homes filled with fragrant fare. The sense of abundance is everywhere.”

— Katherine Herringer, Co-founder & Editor, Maple Magazine

Hi everybody! I hope you had a nice weekend. We had our first flakes of snow but none that stayed — instead our yard is blanketed in maple leaves that crunch crunch underfoot, one of my favourite sounds of fall. (Right up there with the sound of the door closing behind the kids in the morning as they head off to school. 😂 Fall is a gift that keeps on giving. 😂) Speaking of gifts, today’s subscription box is a great gift idea for those on your list who appreciate life’s little luxuries but don’t want to accumulate a lot of “stuff”. The Maple Box is a quarterly subscription box that delivers the loveliest selection of luxury organic and natural goods from Canadian makers including body and skin care, food and drink, lifestyle accessories and tools and the latest issue of Maple magazine. You can gift a subscription or a single box and it ships across Canada and the US. Their latest box is my first and ahhhhh, I’m so excited to share it with you! Here’s a look at the Cozy Autumn Edition.

Each box includes a product card with detailed descriptions of the contents and exclusive promo codes. (I’ve excerpted from it in italics below.) It’s beautifully produced, a pleasure to read and really a reflection on the box as a whole. It’s obviously curated with great thought and care and invites you to enjoy it in the same way.

“Inspire to consume with intention. Our day to day lives are often shaped by the things that surround us. The makers of each product draw on the wisdom of nature, and it’s this wisdom that can enliven and sustain us through the rugged beauty of our climate.”

— The Maple Box

I haven’t read the Autumn issue of Maple magazine cover to cover but there’s all kinds of interesting stuff inside. Learn why jazz listeners are among the happiest in the world; how community, environmental harmony and a lifecycle approach to business sets an Indigenous beauty brand apart; and the many (many!) ways to enjoy pumpkin, napa cabbage and kolhrabi from the new how-to-guide to veggies, Eat Your Greens!.

The products are packed in a reusable cloth bag, like a hug for your stuff.

I’m not going to comment on each of the products individually because this is a book already but I will share my favourites at the end. (See any of your favourites? I’d love to hear!)

Cacao Coconut Oatmeal — Single Serve (Oat of the Ordinary) · We’re loving this woman-owned, Vancouver-based brand of made-better instant oatmeal. This protein-rich, fiber-rich, gluten-free and low-sugar powerhouse will warm your body (and soul) this autumn. ($5)

Fairtrade Organic Chocolate Bar — Maple Crunch Milk Chocolate (Galérie au Chocolat) · For more than 35 years, the master chocolatiers at Montreal-based Galérie au Chocolat has been drawing inspiration from the finest quality ingredients; Fairtrade-certified and ethically-sourced organic cocoa, Canadian butter, organic cream from Ontario, and maple syrup from Quebec. They’re developed a scrumptious lines of all Fairtrade, made with fine organic Belgian chocolate, that makes the perfect treat for a cozy moment. ($6)

Note: some subscribers received the co’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar.

This bar was so good it deserves a close-up! 😋

Vital Serum (East 29th) · Developed by Vancouver-based makeup artist, Victoria Ferguson. Aptly named, Vital Serum is designed to deliver a high concentration of all-natural ingredients; Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Lemon Rind Extract, and Vitamins C and E. Applied after cleansing thoroughly, these ingredients combined will improve hydration, texture, and tone while also firming, promoting elasticity, and smoothing wrinkles. It’s the most advanced skin care product we’ve ever included inside The Maple Box. ($88)

Crème de la Crème The Very Best Cream (Céla by Celine Tadrissi) · Infused with their signature Céla Complex, a potent blend of Canadian botanicals selected for their bioactive benefits, Crème de la Crème cocoons the body in richly hydrating Amazonian cupuaçu butter, while Abyssinian oil seals in moisture and imparts velvety softness. Wrapped in protective emollients, skin is less susceptible to damaging environmental factors and harsh weather conditions. The broad spectrum of nourishing antioxidants, vitamins, omega acids and minerals contained in their plant-based formula promotes regeneration and improves resiliency at the cellular level, while a lushly fruity blend of orange peel and grapefruit essential oils leaves the body deliciously scented. Cruelty-free, paraben-free. ($37)

Nail and Cuticle Crème with Canadian Organic Beeswax + Hemp (Huna) · This deeply nourishing balm is ideal for those super dry, damaged thirsty nails and cuticles, needing a drink with the frequent hand-washing and sanitizing, especially as the weather gets colder and drier. Provides lasting water-resistant protection to nails and cuticles with rich protective castor oil and nutrient-packed Canadian beeswax. Contains Huna’s exclusive organic Calendula flower extract, clinically demonstrated to promte fast healing of wounded and damaged skin. GMO-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and biodegradable formula. Made in British Columbia. ($32)

Kate Golding X Maple Organic Cotton Socks — Rabbit (Friday Sock Co) · Maple’s long-awaited collaboration with Ontario-based surface pattern designer, Kate Golding and Calgary-based, Friday Sock Co is here. Three distinct patterns are adapted from Kate Golding’s Magical Day collection, her love letter to a magical day spent in nature, drawing inspiration from her surroundings in the pastoral Prince Edward County region. Friday Sock Co. took Golding’s patterns and oversaw the design and the manufacturing. These beauties are made in Italy, using organic and GOTS-certified Egyptian cotton. ($25)

Note: Subscribers received one of three designs. The other two are Woodland Walk and Swans. (Single pairs and sets of all three are available here.)

Echinaseal Infection Fighter (St. Francis Herb Farm) · Since 1988, St. Francis Herb Farm has been formulating herbal blends with care and intention. This particular blend is traditionally used as a powerful infection fighter and helps to relieve sore throats. Made with two strains of Echinacea, Wild Indigo, Goldenseal and Myrhh. Keep this baby around not just for sore throats, but also to help relieve any moouth and or throat infections. Made in the Madawaska Highlands, Ontario. ($24)

Pumpkin Spice Blend — 10 Servings (Blume) · Nothing sparks autumnal joy quite like the taste and fragrance of pumpkin spice. but we want real pumpkin spice, nothing synthetic. This blend combines real organic pumpkin with organic maple and organic spices. Beautifully ground powder means that it’s incredibly versatile, beyond adding to a shot of espresso and milk (or plant-mylk), use on its own, in oatmeal, energy balls, smoothies and more. Made in British Columbia. ($14)

“Fill your cup, support your immune system, hydrate your face and warm your toes. Take a moment to enjoy the discovery of some very fine Canadian makers.”

— The Maple Box

So many wonderful treats in this Cozy Autumn edition! Stand-outs for me are Blume’s pumpkin spice blend — delicious and comforting in a mug of warm milk, not too sweet and just-right on the cinnamon; the Galérie au Chocolat milk chocolate bar, which I shared with my teen in a weak moment — je regrette! LOL; the uber-luxurious Céla hand cream — I’d bathe in it if I could; and the Kate Golding X Maple socks, which are soft and warm and cute as a bunny. (But any of the three designs would have been wonderful!) I love that the packaging is reusable and recyclable but still attractive and exciting to open and delivered all of my items in perfect condition. And as a magazine lover from way back, I’m delighted to have a copy of the latest issue of Maple to read. (It’s also available by subscription.) The Cozy Autumn edition is valued at $234.

The Maple Box is available by single box ($118 CAD; free shipping in Canada and $10 to the US) and by annual subscription ($448 CAD; free Canadian shipping and $10/box to the US).

What do you think of The Maple Box? See any of your favourite products or ones you’d like to try? Please share in the comments! ❤️

I received The Maple Box in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Cathy C

    How cute are those socks! And cuticle cream much needed over here. Very nice feel to these boxes so far.

  2. Phyllis Anderson

    A lovely array of consumable products…..
    Fairtrade Organic Chocolate Bar — Maple Crunch Milk Chocolate – my favorite right from the top. Love the socks and anything that helps keep our winter weathered skin hydrated and healthy.
    As always love the pics and commentary….. and nothing wrong with enjoying the quiet that is followed by a busy morning of getting the kids out the door – to school or……:)

    1. try small things

      The chocolate bar is my favourite too so you know what that means… GET YOUR OWN! 🤣🤣 But maybe I’ll share one of my socks. So cozy! (They feel even cozier when it’s quiet…) ❤️❤️

  3. Creative Cat

    Pumpkin spice blend, maple crunch chocolate and cozy cute socks!! Almost makes you WANT to welcome late Fall! Brr… Beautiful box.

    1. try small things

      I’m so glad you love it too, CC! 🤗 I can’t believe we’re coming up on the end of Fall already! 🍂😮

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