Vellabox November 2021

Our second box today is a monthly subscription service that delivers all-natural, artisanal, paraffin- and paraben-free candles to your door, plus a surprise gift from a natural lifestyle brand. It’s called Vellabox and it’s flame-ous for its 100% soy or coconut wax candles made with top-of-the-line fragrance oils and lead-free cotton wicks. November’s box is my third and it’s quickly become one I look forward to the most. It’s like a little box of cozy, beautifully put together and a great price too.

Vellabox offers three subscription options:

The Lucerna Box · One 4 oz candle (about 25 hours burn time) + one surprise gift for $10/month + $3 US shipping ($8 to Canada)

The Ignis Box · One 8 oz candle (about 50 hours burn time) + one surprise gift for $20/month + $3 US shipping ($8 to Canada)

The Vivere Box · One 4 oz candle + one 8 oz candle (about 75 hours total burn time) + one surprise gift for $30/month with free US shipping ($8 to Canada).

Note! Starting in December, the two candles in the Vivere box will be upgraded to a single 16 oz candle with a longer burn and a stronger scent. You’ll also be able to choose your scent each month and curate your box to your scent preferences. Brava! 👏👏

The box I’m showing you here is November’s Vivere Box.

I love how the candles come tucked in their own drawstring bags. They’re made with a sturdy cloth that protects them in the mail without all kinds of extraneous packaging. I’ve been saving mine to tuck little Christmas presents in but you could reuse them for all kinds of things.

Each box includes a wee product card with information about the month’s products and makers. It’s small but easy enough to read and I like how each makers’ web address and Instagram handle are noted for easy reference.  

You’re used to seeing other candle makers in the box; however this month we’re taking a brief interlude to show off our own candle-making skills! This year, Vellabox released our first-ever line of branded candles. We’ve brought you the Signature Collection and other limited time seasonal scents, but in the box, we’re shaking things up with a fun wine-themed duo. Pour, sip, burn and relax. This glass is half full.

— Vellabox

Red Blend (all subscribers) · blackberry, juniper, apple, oak · Full bodied, round, and rich with notes of blackberry, black cherry, and oak. It’s a beautiful night with good food, good friends, and of course good wine! Drink it up.

I’m not a wine drinker but this red I like — it smells wonderful and cozy and has a great throw. Subscribers also received a 10% discount on the Vellabox wine flight, a brilliant 4 oz candle trio with the Red Blend, Sangria and the White Blend below.

White Blend (Vivere only) · grapefruit, orange peel, vanilla, cedar · Light and crisp with citrus notes and finished off with a sweet touch of vanilla. Tonight you’re escaping the noise and winding down from a long work week. The colors of the sunset reflect through your glass just before sundown. Cheers!

Fruity scents are among my favourites and these ones combined with the cedar and vanilla — very, very good. 👌 Even better burned in tandem with the red. (Maybe I like wine more than I thought!)

Recipe cards (bonus gift) · Paper Panduh · We’re suckers for cute stationery and these recipe cards are no exception. Forget digital and let’s bring back handwritten recipe books! Jot down some yummy dishes — to pair with a tall glass and Vellabox wine candle perhaps?

Now these are pretty tiny but if you have small writing like I do you can get a simple recipe down. One of the cards would be sweet gifted with homemade cookies or what have you. Vellabox also included a 10% discount for other Paper Panduh products.

I feel like November’s candles would work for any season really but I’m sure I’ll burn through these long before Winter is officially here. Just in time for December’s delivery. If you want to gift yourself or a loved one something special and cozy to look forward to each month, a Vellabox subscription might be just the thing.

I received November’s Vellabox in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Cathy C

    The names of the candles sound delicious!
    Everyone needs delicious smells in their life!

  2. Phyllis Anderson

    Very nice. I am a wine drinker and don’t discriminate white or red. Love the description note for the candles and love the pics and your commentary.
    Happy scenting….

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