Unwrapped Experience Box November 2021 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Hello hello! πŸ‘‹ I hope this finds you cozy cozy, maybe taking a break in the middle of your work day or late in the evening when your endless to-do list is calling and you just don’t want to answer. Either way, I’m glad you’re here! And if that list includes finding a gift for someone who loves to discover all kinds of delights from Canadian makers then I might be able to help you out. πŸ˜‰ Unwrapped Experience is a Canadian lifestyle box featuring artisans in and around Coburg, Ontario that’s available by subscription or single box and ships across Canada and the US. The monthly boxes are curated and the contents a surprise and there are all kinds of wonderful items you can add on plus fully customizable boxes as well. Lots of options with this one! November’s box is my first and so festive! I think you’ll like it too.

The Monthly Experience Box starts at $45 CAD + shipping. Upgrade for $18 and you’ll receive 2 to 4 additional items valued at $35. If it’s a gift, you can also tuck in a greeting card for $6. Subscriptions start at $40/month + shipping. If you’re in Coburg, home delivery is free! There are also four locations in the area where you can pick up your box at no extra cost.

Other boxes include:

12 Days of Christmas Experience Boxes πŸŽ„ — Just released! Includes 12 individually wrapped items 😲 and each box is different

Journaling Experience Box πŸ“

Seasonal Cocktail Experience Box 🍸 — More releasing today!

Newborn Experience Box πŸ‘ΆπŸ» — Deluxe and Mini

Holiday Cat Box 😻😻

Build-A-Box πŸ“¦

+ even more!

November’s box opened with a product card with a welcome message on one side and details about the featured makers, their products and their retail value of each item.

Unwrapped also included a $10 discount off $50 spent at Little You, a local company that allows kids to design and print custom 3D anime figurines. We’ve been having a hard time coming up with Christmas gift ideas for my tween and I feel like this would be something he’d absolutely love making. (My teen too!)

Signature Twoque by Twoque ($28.99) Β· Twoque is all about doing one thing really well: spreading warmth. This is what has inspired them to enter into the market of socially conscious fashion. Twoque is a warm-weather apparel company dedicated to offering a uniquely Canadian brand with the mission of spreading warmth across this great country. Even more amazing, when you buy a Twoque product, they will donate a Twoque to someone in need!

My hubby’s go-to toque has been looking worse for wear so this one arrived at the perfect time. He’s not particular about much but he is fussy about the weight and warmth of his winter hats and this just right — not too heavy, not too light, just soft, stretchy and cozy. And we love a brand that gives back! Warms my heart to know someone else will be warmer for it.

White Kintsugi Coaster by Serene Creates ($13) Β· These marble inspired coasters are a great addition to anyone’s home. They are a statement piece of art for your kitchen, lounge, study, or bedroom. Each piece is 100% handcrafted individually! Every item is hand poured and comes out unique, making every piece one of a kind! They are made from heat resistant epoxy meaning you can put your hot cup of coffee on these beauties. They are completely washable and durable — they will not break if dropped!

I’m a huge fan of marble and marble-look so this coaster is right up my alley. And even better, it won’t stain like real marble! It looks heavy but it’s lightweight and the gold rim is a nice detail. I only wish there were two or four! Good thing I know where to find more. πŸ˜‰

Ornament by Sweet Burrow Co. ($8) Β· It all started with a passion for home and a love of creating a cozy and inviting space to host friends and family, make memories and relax and unwind. With this love for the stylish and warm, Sweet Burrow Co was born. Their products range from whimsical to Scandinavian, but will always include an element of natural fibre. Woods, wools and wonder abound! Featured this month are Christmas start ornaments that can be used as ornaments or even gift toppers.

I often top gifts with ornaments but I’m not sure I want to part with this one. Love the mixed materials and Scandi vibe!

Essential Oil Rollerball by Unwrapped ($12) Β· Essential oil rollerballs are an easy and convenient way to apply your favourite blends of oils. Young Living Oils are used in this calm blend as they are natural, therapeutic grade oils. Plus each blend has been reiki infused to enhance the blend with healing properties. Apply this unicorn blend any time of day when you may need a little pick me up.

I’ve been wearing this rollerball a lot and it really does perk me up. It’s a happy scent — a bright and sunshiney citrus that reminds me of clementines at Christmas.

⭐️ Add-on item: Cozy Season Tee by Bee & Co.

A soft, sweet tee that’s perfect for the holidays and all winter long! I literally said “oooh! A tee!” when I opened the box. What a great add-on! Unwrapped Experience had asked for my size in advance and this fits perfectly. Part of me wishes it was long sleeve so it would be even more cozy but that said I just changed into a tee after a hot flash πŸ₯΅ LOL so it’ll get lots of wear. (Note: Bee & Co’s shop is closed for the holidays and reopening in the new year.)

Sticker Packs by Oh So Simple Creations ($2) Β· Oh So Simple Creations is a small Canadian shop that hopes to inspire your love of crafting and journaling. Taylor decided the products she was making for herself should be shared with the world, and Oh So Simple Creations was created! Oh So Simple Creations offers a wide range of products, some of which include pins, stickers, and washi tape! Sticker packs are featured this month for all of your journaling and organizing needs!

Last, some super cute stickers! I’m using these on my Christmas cards. J’adore! 😍😍

November’s Unwrapped Experience Box is so great! I’m really impressed by the quality of each product — two we’ll wear for years to come — all festive and useful and so me and a great value for the price IMHO. Plus a discount on a fantastic gift idea my kids will love. (A gift but also an experience to keep them busy — the best of both worlds). Everything arrived in perfect condition, carefully packaged in recyclable materials. Wonderful Canadian-made items all thoughtfully curated and delivered to your door so you don’t have to do the legwork.

Do we love or do we LOVE? 😍😍 Really, I’d love to hear in the comments. Who will you gift Unwrapped Experience to this holidays?

I received November’s Unwrapped Experience Box in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Suzie B

    Oooh! What a great box – so many wonderful items in there! The ornament is adorable

  2. Phyllis

    Great box of goodies, especially love the tee – yes would prefer long sleeves for the season – and the hat.
    As always, always enjoy reading your commentary and your lovely pics.

    1. try small things

      Thank youuuuu πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  3. Cathy C

    I love the eclectic mix of items in this box. Especially the hat. Great gift option!

    1. try small things

      I’m so glad you love it too! πŸ˜ƒ It’s such a great toque, isn’t it?

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