SPArty Girl Winter 2021: Teen Box

Self care is important at any age. I’m seeing that especially with my 14-year-old daughter as we try to help her find healthy ways to deal with the stress of navigating high school and hormones (during a pandemic, no less). We’ve been watching the new season of Queer Eye together and I can totally imagine Jonathan saying “never underestimate a good mask moment, honey.” Today I’ve got a new-to-us subscription that’s like a tool box for self care curated especially for tween and teen girls with a separate box for each age group. Canadian subscription box SPArty Girl sent us their Winter box for teens and I’d love to share it with you today. Each one includes $75 worth of treasures to inspire self-love and make girls feel their own kind of sparkle.

SPArty Girl sells by subscription and by single box and ships across Canada and the US. Subscriptions are $56.99 CAD/box + shipping and single boxes $59.99 CAD + shipping. Our Winter box arrived before Christmas — great timing for gifting if you want to tuck it under the tree or treat your girl to an early surprise. It’s available to order until Feb 28 while supplies last.

First up: an affirmation card by Love Powered Co, a company I’m familiar with from Instagram and have been following for some time. This one is from a set of 29 cards for teens, each one with a different power (greatness, health, authenticity, etc.) to reflect on and tap into for motivation, inspiration, and what have you. Taking a minute to sit quietly and meditate on a card can be calming, energizing, enlightening — all kinds of things! We’re off to a great start.

My favourite subscription boxes all have great product cards. I’m happy with the content of this one but I’d like to see it printed on a thick card stock just to take the wow factor up a notch.

SPArty Girl makes a variety of bath and body care products and the Winter teen box includes two.

Pink Fizz Bath Soak · Pamper yourself with an all-natural, vegan, cruelty free bath fizz with a blend of crystal Himalayan salt and essential oils handmade by SPArty Girl Naturally.

My teen prefers showers (lonnnnnng showers) to baths so she hasn’t tried this yet. (I’m happy to use it if she doesn’t.)

On the other hand, she was delighted to see this body butter and opened it straight away.

Winter Mint Whipped Body Butter · All-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free fluffy and moisturizing body butter for those cold winter days made by SPArty Girl Naturally.

Sweet, eh? 💚 We both love the fresh scent and it feels so nice.

Blue Hot Chocolate Bomb · Hot chocolate bomb made with white chocolate, filled with hot cocoa, chocolate, marshmallows and cute winter sprinkles by Sweet Arrangements by Rose.

Hot chocolate is a favourite in our house so our gal loved this hot choco bomb. If you haven’t used one, you simply put it in a cup, pour hot milk over top and stir until all of the delicious goodness is melted and combined.

And this wonderful, warm toque!

Pom Pom Beanie · Which hat to wear on a chilly day? The fun one, obviously. A warm knit plus a playful pom on this cozy beanie does the trick.

And After Eight Hot Chocolate Mix. 😋😋 Tastes just like the chocolates.

Mood Colour Changing Flower Lip Balm · A hydrating lip balm that changes colours with your mood.

One of the prettiest lip balms we’ve ever seen, and how fun that it changes with your mood! So far we’ve seen it make a lilac colour and a deeper pink.

Also a SPArty Girl Lip Balm. Never enough lip balms, especially in the winter when the air in the house is so dry.

And finally, this Tony Moly Hydrating Sheet Mask · A sheet mask that helps to hydrate and moisturize your skin.

We love a mask moment around here and this one sounds so good! We’d love to see one for treating acne too.

A lot of great stuff there, am I right? The packaging is cute and cheery and we’ve really enjoyed the products we’ve tried, all items that my teen would regularly use or love to be treated to (obviously SPArty Girl knows their customer). I like that they’re available both by single box and subscription and would be happy to see a couple of limited editions throughout the year too, maybe one for Valentine’s Day? Winter is long and another box to look forward to or share with a galentine could be fun. Self care to share!

What do you think of this one? Are there any particular products or brands your teen would like to see in a future SPArty Girl box? (To see the Winter box for tweens, check out Sarah’s review on A Year of Boxes.)

I received the Winter Teen SPArty Girl Box in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

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  1. Cathy C

    Very cute and nice variety of items. Mood lip balm is the bomb! And hat very cute! I’m sure any teen would love to get this in the mail!

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  3. Phyllis Anderson

    A lot of great stuff there, am I right? …………..Yes you are right!
    Great items in there that are useful and yummy…Really love the hat.
    love your pics and your commentary as always.😍❤😍❤

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