SPArty Girl Spring 2022: The Teen Box πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Spring has been long coming but it’s finally here πŸ™Œ and Canadian self-care subscription SPArty GirlΒ has put together some really thoughtful boxes to help teen and tween girls honour their sparkly selves in this lighter, brighter season. The co. sent us their Spring teen edition to share with you — there’s a separate one for tweens — and each one is filled with $75 in treats. It’s available to order ’til the end of May if you’re interested (if it doesn’t sell out first). Let’s take a look.

SPArty Girl is a seasonal subscription box so it ships quarterly. Subscriptions are $56.99 CAD/box + shipping and single boxes $59.99 CAD + shipping. The box currently ships across Canada and the US from its Ontario HQ.

Each box opens with three cards: a welcome card, a product card (you can see part of it in the photo above) and an affirmation card shown below.

SPArty Girl included one of these affirmation cards in our Winter Box too. They’re part of a set by Love Powered Co and just a nice, positive pick-me-up to start your day or tuck in your locker or pin to a bulletin board for a regular reminder. This one is all about beauty.

What makes you beautiful?

How does that make you feel?

Love Powered Co

Next up are a couple of lovely beauty products and a fun card my teen set aside to send to a friend. Another subscription box introduced us to Bella & Bear and they make great products so we were especially excited to see the shampoo. And it’s paraben-free.

Face Sheet Mask Ξ‡ Hydrating face sheet mask perfect for all skin types.

Hawaiian Sea Salt Shampoo Ξ‡ Cruelty free and vegan exfoliating, hydrating, and soothing shampoo with a beach babe vibe! Made by Bella & Bear.

Random Scratch of Kindness Card Ξ‡ Spread a little kindness! Scratch to reveal your special hidden message.

Pink Hibiscus Bath Bomb Β· Handmade fizzy bath bomb with a lychee and dahlia scent made by Fizz Soakery.

CND Scentsations Hand and Body Lotion (Honeysuckle and Pink Grapefruit) Β· Hydrating lotion to use on hands, feet and body.

Dermalogica Travel Bag Β· Perfect little travel bag for on the go!

The bath bomb and the lotion smell so, so lovely and the headband is cozy and perfect for daily use. And it’s always nice to have a fresh bag for cosmetics or whatever. Since this one is a travel bag I wonder if it’s meant to hold a wet swimsuit but the suit would have to be pretty tiny. Or at least much smaller than I’d like to see. 😬 #theygrowupsofast

The Face Off Makeup Remover Cloth Β· The perfect all-in-one soft, reusable makeup remover cloth made by FaceOff.

My teen has a couple of these cloths and uses them all the time. Just wet the cloth with warm water and it’ll remove makeup like a charm. And you can throw them in the wash. (I put them in a delicates bag just to be safe.)

Cotton Candy Glitter Bomb Β· Drop this adorable glitter bomb into a clear bubbly beverage and watch it fizz! Made by Sweet Clouds Cotton Candy.

We haven’t tried this yet but we love the idea!

Hawaiian Taffy Mix Β· Hawaiian-themed saltwater taffy candy mix.

I love that SPArty Box included an allergen-free candy — it’s free of glutens, peanuts and soy — unfortunately it’s one of the very few sweet treats my kiddos don’t like so we gave it to a friend.

I love the tropical vibes in the products and the packaging in SPArty Girl‘s Spring box for teens — the bright colours and the beachy feel are a sunny reminder that warmer days are on the way. That said, it can be a tough time of the year for teens with so much school work still to get through before summer vacation arrives. The SPArty Girl Box is filled with all kinds of fun, healthy, age-appropriate products to help bust some of that stress, whether that’s meditating on an affirmation card, applying a hydrating face mask or using a great-smelling body lotion. Or enjoying sweets in moderation! Those self-care moments are important. Especially for teens. Especially in this day and age! What a great gift for a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent or family friend to give to a special girl in their life.

I received SPArty Girl’s spring box for teens in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

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