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Yesterday I said finding an affordable house in this market is like looking for a grain of sugar in a salt shaker and then wouldn’t you know, something sweet came up last night. Well maybe “sweet” is a stretch. It’s a fixer-upper but it’s roomy and do-able for the price, but how much renovating do we want to be doing and do we need that much house? I hope we can get in to look at it in the next day or two. More news to come! In the meantime here’s some other things sweet things I’m eyeing.

Ottawa boutique Viens Avec Moi has the best bubble gum pink dress for summer and I just love the embroidered detail on the cuffs of their classic white shirt.

Taking fashion cues from Wilma Flintstone with this jumbo pearl necklace.

So chic for the farmer’s market or a spring picnic or just around town: a roomy raffia tote, a sweet jute bag and a sporty hands-free option, this killer sling bag.

This waffle-knit bath robe looks so cozy. (Love the hood!)

Foodie Pages specializes in corporate gift boxes but you don’t have to be a biz to appreciate (and gift!) their clever curations. I’ll show you some of their Mother’s Day gift boxes very soon in another post (we’re partnering on that) but I want this one for me!

Because you can never have too many candles: these gorgeous candleholders and taper candles.

I’m sure I could find a spot for these decorative wood links.

The scalloped edge on these towels is so dreamy.

I want one of these letter shelves on my side of the bed for magazines.

Rainbow-coloured coupes for cocktails and mocktails and fancy spa water.

Cotton candy flavoured ice cream doesn’t appeal but I’d try it for the aesthetic alone.

I would never buy these egg cups (well never say never) but what an easy way to elevate a weekend breakfast!

A print after my own heart: Try Again.

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  1. The shelves are rather fabulous! Of course Iā€™d need 50 of them because Iā€™d never clear them out – but Iā€™d mean to – honest! šŸ˜‚

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