The Mother’s Day Box from Hygge in a Box ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¦

Motherhood taught me just how far I can let myself go and still be okay with it.

The first couple of months of motherhood are a blur but I do remember feeling like every time I ran into someone I was wearing the same stretched-out, spit-up-stained t-shirt. Self-care goes out the window when you’re just trying to survive. Even now that my kids are teens and the demands are different (much easier in some ways, much harder in others), “me-time” often ends up at the bottom of the list. So I love the Mother’s Day Box from Hygge in a Box. It’s a special edition thoughtfully curated to help moms practice some self-love and enjoy hygge-filled moments.

Like the quarterly subscription, single box and group & corporate boxes, this one shipped shipped across Canada and the US. To find out when Hygge in a Box will ship internationally and other news, sign up for the co’s newsletter here (scroll to the bottom of the page for the form).

Hygge in a box is based in Winnipeg, MB and sources the vast majority of its products from Canadian businesses and makers.

A guide to the contents was included with each box, along with exclusive discounts from some of the featured brands.

Zora Bath & Beach Towel / Scarf · Pokoloko Â· Toronto, ON · Pokoloko is dedicated to the discovery of high-quality, fair-trade products exclusively from family-based artisans. This towel has an elegant, Moroccan & mosaic-inspired versatile design, this is a flat, jacquard weave and made with pure Turkish cotton. It is designed to elevate your bath, beach, home, outfits or adventures ahead. It’s also ideal for travel because it’s wearable, compact, and lightweight. Larger than a typical bath towel, with a generous size to fully wrap around the body.

Hygge in a Box introduced me to Pokoloko a few years ago and I subsequently ordered a set of their waffle towels, which are wonderfully soft and absorbent and hold up great in the wash. Where those live only in the bathroom, this Turkish towel will be great for the bath, the beach, around my shoulders on the couch or at a coffee shop. Love!

Coconut Chamomile Dreams Bath Soak · Tease · Ottawa, ON · Soak away your worries. Slip into this luxe hydrating bath treatement made with ethically sourced organic Eqyptian chamomile flowers and creamy coconut milk. Ideal for a pre-bedtime ritual. Tease believes wellness rituals shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why they create all-natural products that compliment each other and your goals without compromising convenience, sustainability or impact.

I know Tease for their tea, but this is the first time I’ve seen any of their bath products. I haven’t used this yet, but I look forward to having a good soak when we move in a couple of weeks. (Our new house has a beautiful freestanding tub that quite frankly feels above my station but I’ll take it! 😍)

Lavender Sachet · Provence en Couleur · Vancouver, BC · The cotton sachet filled with dried lavender flowers is found in every house in France’s Provence. Lavender sachets are a well-known natural way to keep away mites and dust mites. Place your sachet in a closet, drawer, suitcase, or even your car, to pleasantly deodorize these spaces. You can also place one under your pillow to enjoy the soothing effect of their light, flowery scent. Lavender is imported from France and assembled in Vancouver, BC.

This little sachet smells heavenly. I have it under my pillow. Do you use lavender around your house?

Vintage Candle · Gracious Candle Co · Baden, ON · Like all Gracious candles, this candle is hand-poured in Baden, ON. It’s made with 100% plant-based ingredients including an all-natural coconut, soy blend wax, a crackling wood wick, and 100% essential oils. We personally love this soothing blend of sandalwood and vanilla as it offers a nice calming effect. Every candle is unique as they are poured in repurposed vintage glassware that the maker discovers at various antique stores in her region of Ontario.

I don’t know which I love more — the candle or the vessel! 😍 Both are exquisite. Hygge in a Box finds the best products!

Raspberry Mimosa Cocktail Jar · Maiden Voyage Cocktails · Ganonoque, ON · Maiden Voyage Cocktails creates delicious cocktails so that others can celebrate wherever the are! Jars are filled with flavours from citrus, seasonal fruits, herbs, spices, and bitters. These cocktail jars can take you wherever life takes you. From a girls’ weekend to a housewarming, to drinks on the deck after a long day, there is always a reason to celebrate. The best part, if having a cocktail isn’t your thing, you can make it a mocktail by using boiling hot water.

My mom’s visiting in a few weeks to help us with the move and I can’t wait to put my feet up with her at the end of a long day and share this cocktail. Or maybe since it’s a mimosa we should try it with breakfast? Might make the moving a little easier. 😂

Chocolate Malt Balls · Sweet Lake of the Woods · Kenora, ON · These delicious malt balls are coated in pretty pink and white chocolate and have become a bestseller at Sweet Lake of the Woods. The owner is a lifelong lover or all things chocolate and her shop is based in Kenora, ON, also known as Sunset Country. It is a dream opportunity to spend time in the kitchen with the family and friends, making delicious treats for everyone to enjoy. These are a sure way to elevate your hygge moments. Bet you can’t just have one!

Hygge in a Box included the most amazing chocolate-dunked Skoreos cookies from Sweet Lake of the Woods in their latest Winter Box so my mouth watered when I saw this treat. I love malt balls and these are far and away the best ones I’ve tried. The thick chocolately coating is beyond delicious! And how much do we love the pretty pastel colours? I almost feel like I should save these for guests. Almost but not quite. 😋

And speaking of delicious, how good does this look? It’s a family recipe from the founders of Hygge in a Box, sisters Lisa Kroft and Jill Kantor. It’s Mom’s Spring Pesto Tortellini Salad.

This is one of our family’s favourite salads for brunches, picnics, and potlucks. It is loaded with cheese tortellini, veggies, and plenty of fresh cheese — all tosses in a super simple pesto dressing. This will quickly become one of your favourites too! Makes about 4 servings.

Hygge is about connecting and sharing meals with family and friends makes for some of the most hygge-filled moments. I’m excited to make this salad for mine!

Both the Mother’s and Father’s Day Boxes from Hygge in a Box are sold out, but the Summer box is available to order until June 30 and ships late July. Like all of the seasonal boxes, it’s available in small and large. Quarterly subscriptions are available here. Annnnnnd you’ll find a number of hygge books, accessories and even hygge sweatshirts here in the shop.

If you need a reminder to practice some self-care and enjoy a little hygge, Hygge in a Box is a wonderful subscription to try, and to gift. ❤️

I received the Mother’s Day Box from Hygge in a Box in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

2 responses to “The Mother’s Day Box from Hygge in a Box ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¦”

  1. What a perfectly exquisite box of delight amd comfort for a cozy new abode with a clawfoot tub!!

  2. What mother wouldn’t be thrilled with this great box off goodies… everyone of these items appeals to me. Would be hard to list a favorite but I’ll start with what I can eat and drink. including the thought of the Mom’s Spring Pesto Tortellini Salad. Love your pics and comments, and all us grandmothers now savor the memories of stretched-out, spit-up-stained t-shirts.

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