Ruby Crate Teen Crate Summer ’22 ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

Ruby Crateย is a quarterly lifestyle box for girls. They make a tween edition, a teen edition, and a stand-alone box for older girls, Campus Crate. Today I’m sharing the latest Ruby Crate for teens. This summer box is sold out, but you can still order the fall one shipping in September.

Each Ruby Crate includes a product card personalized for your teen with a welcome message on one side and a list of the contents on the other. My teen likes to set the card aside and get right to the stuff (me too!) but it’s fun to refer to after.

Ruby Crate is based in Ontario and ships four times a year (March, June, September and December). One-year subscriptions are available or you can purchase each box individually. They also sell double crates with two of every item in each box so you can share.

Pricing (CAD; taxes and shipping additional):

  • Year-long Ruby Crate โ€” $239.80
  • Year-long Double Ruby Crate โ€” $459.60
  • Single Ruby Crate (Fall 2022) โ€” $64.95
  • Double Ruby Crate (Fall 2022) โ€” $114.90
  • Grad Ruby Crate — $74.95
  • Birthday Ruby Crate โ€” $69.95
  • Campus Crate โ€” $74.95

Ruby Crate currently ships across Canada and the US.

We’ve been lucky enough to review a few Ruby Crates now and this first item has become one of our favourites as it’s included in every edition. It’s a collection of eight trendy postcards that you can mail to your friends, tack up on your wall, tape inside your locker, frame on your desk — whatever you want to do.

Decorate your space with these cool postcards — create your own unique look!

This 3-in-1 leave-in conditioner detangles, conditions, and protects your hair while enhancing and restoring its natural body. And matte-nificent lip crayons are a great way to keep your lips hydrated and looking lovely.

The conditioner has a coconut scent that smells like summer in a bottle and the lip crayon is a pretty, universally flattering plummy pink shade called Bare that goes on matte but doesn’t feel the least bit dry like so many matte formulas do.

Be wowed by The Works! This fabulous collection of essential oils has you covered from head to toe including: skin repair, sugar scrub, hand cream, and sweet lip balm.

My teen hasn’t tried the lip balm because she already has half a dozen on the go but I like the sugar scrub and the hand cream, which feel great and smell good.

Create your own delicious popsicle treats with these fun molds that will make a warm summer day even better.

Ruby Crate also included a recipe for Creamy Berry Paletas (pronounced puh-LEH-tuhs), which are similar to popsicles but made with natural ingredients like coconut milk, real fruit and natural sweeteners. These ones sound delicious! And “paletas” is just fun to say.

Look stylish and ready for summer with these cool sunnies! Bring on the sunshine!

Will my teen wear these festival-inspired sunglasses? YES! Will she still borrow mine? ALSO YES.

We love this fun canvas tote! It’s the perfect size for tossing in your weekend must-haves to kick off summer in style.

I think my teen will get tonnes of use out of this tote for outings and sleepovers year-round but she wasn’t thrilled about it. I think she’ll come around but who knows? ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ (And if she doesn’t, I’m happy to steal it!)

Spread love with these artisan-made bracelets from around the world. Each bracelet serves as a reminder to love and be loved.

Soooo pretty, and one of my teen’s favourite colours!

Our Ruby Crate also included a small bag of fun fish-shaped gummies by boรฎte ร  bonbons. My teen wasn’t feeling it but I tried a couple and they tasted fresh and went down swimmingly. ๐Ÿ˜€

I think I’m more excited about the summer crate than my teen but I could be wrong. She might just prefer to enjoy everything on her own time when she doesn’t have her mother asking “what do you think?” IMHO the mix of products is great — a couple of fun and trendy accessories, some stationery that can double as decor, hair and skincare products, a pretty lip crayon, etc. And at the same time, weighted more toward consummables so you’re not overwhelmed with a lot of “stuff.” (Tho that’s probably more of a me problem than a her problem, lol.) If you have a hard time shopping for a teen girl in your life, first: WELCOME TO THE CLUB ha ha and second: I think Ruby Crate makes a fun gift, whether it’s a single box or a subscription.

Have you tried Ruby Crate? How did it go over? I’d love to hear!

I received Ruby Crate’s Teen Crate in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

One response to “Ruby Crate Teen Crate Summer ’22 ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ”

  1. Knowing what to buy a girl teen is one of the worlds big questions, like trying to understand quantum physics. Girl teens are trying to develop their own style without being led by their mothers. Giving them money just doesn’t have the same pleasure . BUT this collection of goodies fits the bill in a lot of places ( once the teen decides to not be obstinate for the sake of being obstinate.) Still might be a little pricey at 69.95 and if the the Weekend Vibes bag doesn’t get enjoyed at your house I know someone who would have fun using it.
    Love your commentary and your pics…as always.

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