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A book box for rom com lovers: Hushbug Book Box October 2022 🇨🇦

Hushbug Book Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers a newly released rom com, something to eat while you read, and three to five additional surprises like stationery, home goods and bath and body products. Launched in February this year and shipping across Canada and the US, it’s available in three- and six-month subscriptions and by the box. Let’s look at the latest edition!

Hushbug’s branding is as cute as a button and charmed me straight away. The label with the book and the flowers and that whimsical font! Makes a sweet first impression.

The contents are tucked snug as a bug in a rug in shredded paper and tissue and secured with a monogrammed sticker that feels very bookish and fancy.

You’ll also find a product card. It’s got a photo related to the book on one side and a list of the contents on the other, the latter printed in a large font that’s easy to read and my peepers very much appreciate.

Oh! And an important note — each month’s contents are a surprise, ‘tho Hushbug shares some hints in the weeks leading up to the delivery. (You’ll see the hints if you sign up for Hushbug’s emails, follow them on social media or look them up on A Year of Boxes.)

Now without further ado, October’s book!

It’s When in Rome by Sarah Adams, accompanied by a letter from Sarah. I hadn’t heard of the book before I saw it here but it sounds marvellous! Here’s publisher’s description:

Amelia Rose, known as Rae Rose to her adoring fans, is burned-out from years of maintaining her “princess of pop” image. Inspired by her favorite Audrey Hepburn film, Roman Holiday, she drives off in the middle of the night for a break in Rome . . . Rome, Kentucky, that is. 

When Noah Walker finds Amelia on his front lawn in her broken-down car, he makes it clear he doesn’t have the time or patience for celebrity problems. He’s too busy running the pie shop his grandmother left him and reminding his nosy but lovable neighbors to mind their own damn business. Despite his better judgment, he lets her stay in his guest room—but only until her car is fixed—then she’s on her own. 

Then Noah starts to see a different side of Rae Rose—she’s Amelia: kindhearted and goofy, yet lonely from years in the public eye. He can’t help but get close to her. Soon she’ll have to return to her glamorous life on tour, but until then, Noah will show Amelia all the charming small-town experiences she’s been missing, and she’ll help him open his heart to more. 

Amelia can’t resist falling for the cozy town and her grumpy tour guide, but even Audrey had to leave Rome eventually.

Have you read When in Rome? What did you think? (No spoilers please! I want to be surprised!)

Next we have a vanilla pancake mix and turtle fudge. I should have saved the fudge to eat with the book but it just looked too good (and heavy! That’s a serious slab of fudge!) so I ripped into it and somehow it vanished in an afternoon.

My friend Dany put some of the fudge in the pancakes which I thought was just the most brilliant idea ever. We had ours with butter and syrup #basic ha ha and they were delicious. So fluffy!

And how fun are these macaron bath bombs (five of them!) and mercantile dishcloths, both colour coordinated with the book! I love that attention to detail. The bath bombs I’m going to try this week and the dishcloths will be so handy. For some reason we have more tea towels than we know what to do with but hardly any dishcloths. And the bright colours make them easy to spot!

Hushbug also included pink sugar hand and body lotion (I can always use lotion this time of the year! So dry!) and cocoa mint lip balm, which smells great and feels even better. The lip balm is made by a Manitoba company called Pure Anada. I’ve tried a few of their products now (a mascara, a hand soap and a hand/body cream) and they make great stuff!

October’s Hushbug Book Box is just so much fun. The book sounds dreamy, the treats were delicious and the other items all things I’ll readily use and enjoy. Everything arrived in pristine condition, no leaks or broken items and of course I think we all like to see recyclable packaging. (Christmas is coming up so I’ll save mine for wrapping.) Now if you want to totally sweep me off my feet? Deliver it to me in a custom box with the logo’s colours — all those cheerful colours! — and maybe some witty messaging inside it. SWOON! That said, if you love rom coms, try this one! Such a sweet and joyful box!

Hushbug Book Box ships across Canada and the US. Shipping across Canada is included in the price; shipping to the US is an additional $8.99/box. All prices in CAD.

Single box: $84.99

3-month subscription: $79.99/box

6-month subscription: $76.99/box

Have you tried Hushbug?

I received October’s Hushbug Book Box in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

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  1. Phyllis Anderson

    Very nice – I’m not much for rom-com, my style is more of a who done it, but it does sound like fun and no doubt has a happy ending. ( most who done its don’t )
    That turtle fudge would not have lasted in this house either and what a great idea to throw a bit of it into the vanilla pancake mix – syrup and butter are my basic ha ha’s too – yummy.
    Macaron bath bombs – good thing they were id’ed for the bath, cause they look very edible and pretty colors for the dishcloths- throw them in the wash and good as new again.
    Pink sugar hand and body lotion – sounds divine and we all need lip moisturizers, so the lip balm is another hit.
    Great pack of goodies, love your pics and commentary as always.

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