Vellabox December 2022

Vellabox is a subscription that sends you a scented candle every month plus a surprise gift from a natural lifestyle brand. The candle you get is chosen with your favourite fragrances in mind, which you indicate in a questionnaire when you sign up. All of the candles are made in small batches with 100% soy or coconut wax, top-quality fragrance oils and lead-free cotton wicks. Here’s a look at December’s box.

Vellabox offers three subscription options:

The Lucerna Box · One 4 oz candle (40+ hours burn time) + one surprise gift from $12/month 

The Ignis Box · One 8 oz candle (80+ hours burn time) + one surprise gift from $22/month

The Vivere Box · One 16 oz candle (100+ hours total burn time) + one surprise gift from $29/month

Monthly, 6-month and 12-month subscriptions are available. Shipping is free on all US orders and shipping to Canada is $5/month. 

My Vellabox is December’s Vivere Box.

Vellabox features different artisans each month. They’re introduced on a product card included with the box, along with details about the contents and QR codes that’ll take you directly to the products in case you want to buy more. Honestly, could online shopping be any easier?

This month’s candles are by Olive & Pine, a maker from Staten Island, NY. I like woodsy scents so their Winter Wonderland candle is totally my jam with its blend green ivy, juniper, vetiver, oakmoss and fresh air.

This scent was inspired by the enchantment of a snow-covered forest. The snow is like a thick blanket covering the trees and ground below while they take a good, long rest for winter. Everything is still, quiet, and calm.

— Vellabox

The holidays can be overwhelming with seemingly endless lists of things to do, places to go and people to see so I appreciate things that help me chill out a bit. Burning candles is high up on the list, especially ones that smell like a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t take long for the scent of this one to fill our main floor so it’s got a great throw too.

December’s bonus gift is a mini bowl cover by Doe a Deer from Stuart, Iowa.

Say goodbye to pesky plastic wrap and keep your leftovers cozy with this cute bowl cover! Perfect for cereal bowls, soup bowls, and small loaf pans. This cover is machine washable and made of 100% cotton fabric. The perfect way to add a touch of warmth to your kitchen this holiday season. $12

We have a few large bowl covers in rotation and this one will be perfect for smaller dishes. It doesn’t have a liner like our other ones so I’m not sure how long it will keep things fresh or hold up to stains (I’m looking at you, leftover cranberry sauce!) but it’ll still come in handy.

Vellabox ships your first box immediately and subsequent boxes the second week of every month. Custom and pre-made gift boxes are also available for shipping across the US.

Have you tried Vellabox? What kind of scents do you prefer? Woodsy? Sweet and spicy? Fresh? Citrus?

I received the December Vellabox in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

3 responses to “Vellabox December 2022”

    Leftover cranberry sauce can go home with the leftover turkey— yummy. And that mini bowl cover sure beats plastic wrap!
    I don’t light candles often, – don’t know why – and when I do, they are truly enjoyed. They very much add to the pleasure of chillin’ with a great book, a fresh cup of tea and Mother Nature showing off her winter skills the other side of the glass.
    Worth saying again… all very classy.

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