Five things

Some sentences feel weird to write. Or maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to them. “My dad passed away” is one for me. Maybe because it’s only been two and a half weeks. Maybe because there wasn’t a service. Maybe because of a whole slew of things. I’m still processing.

2. My friend Birdie and her husband sent me this beautiful bouquet last week and it’s doing so well. When the tulips start to droop I’m going to try this trick to perk them up again.

3. I’m way behind in my ARCs but I finally started The Personal Assistant by Kimberly Belle. It’s a thriller about an influencer whose personal assistant goes missing after an ill-advised post and the ensuing blowback. So far so great! (Thank you for the copy, HarperCollins Canada!)

4. I won a bedroom set (!!) from Neo Financial and EQ3 in January and it arrived last week, only the footboard had a defect so the bed can’t be put together ’til a replacement arrives. I can’t wait to show you! Should I do a reveal here on the blog?

5. My brain has been mush and I’m honestly surprised I’ve been able to string a few sentences together but I’m going to try to catch you up on a bunch of subscription boxes that have arrived over the past few weeks. Soon! Including reviews of the latest from Hygge in a Box, Vellabox, Norlii Box, Amoda Monthly Tea Box and a new-to-me one that just arrived today, the interior decor box by Valerie Iush. Plus some books!

Me and my dad, 1979.

Until next time. ❤️

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