Women’s Collective Box Fall 2021

One of my favourite quotes is this one from Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Which is kind of funny because I also love “Introverts unite! Separately, in your own homes.” šŸ˜‚ Even tho I struggle with large groups (three people can even be a bit much, LOL), I believe in the power of a collective and know there are many, many ways we can lift each other up without sharing the same physical space. Lifting each other up, “harnessing the limitless power of women supporting each other’s dreams” is what the Women’s Collective Box is all about. The seasonal lifestyle subscription box delivers “a collection of items from exclusively women-run companies that represent the thoughtfulness, resolve, and artistry that set women apart.” The fall box is my first one and I’m delighted to share it with you. (Women’s Collective Box kindly sent it for review.)

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GlobeIn’s Soiree Box

I received GlobeIn’s Soiree Box in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

GlobeIn Artisan Box is a monthly subscription box featuring handmade, ethically sourced products from makers around the world. Each month subscribers can choose from a selection of boxes curated around a theme. A couple of mine shipped out of order so I’ve got October’s here for you today but IMHO it’s perfect for the holidays. It’s called the Soiree Box, and it includes some special fair trade items to liven up your beverage cart and make your cocktail hour more festive. Continue reading GlobeIn’s Soiree Box

Studio: Creative Spaces for Creative People by Sally Coulthard + Win a copy

It’s pretty tight quarters here at try small things HQ, but like so many other creatives who have to make do I’ve carved out a couple of spaces (however humble) to blog and shoot and style and bake and all the rest. As it happens, we also use those same spaces to eat and do homework and play LEGO and watch Netflix. Which is really not ideal. I dream of having a dedicated place to work and play, so I was delighted when Quarto Publishing Group USA sent me Sally Coulthard’sĀ Studio: Creative Spaces for Creative People.Ā Taking lessons from the myriad (and often fascinating) studios of crafters, designers, writers, artists and a couple of my favourite bloggers, Sally shares inspiration and insight to help you create your own space with tips on everything from planning your layout and organizing your tools to lighting, seating, wall treatments and display. (Hands up if you’ve never met a pegboard you didn’t love.) Whether you’ve got an entire room or just a corner, you can create a space that works as hard as you. Ā  Continue reading Studio: Creative Spaces for Creative People by Sally Coulthard + Win a copy