Beachly Beauty Box Summer 2022

When we were at IKEA on the weekend I saw a giant outdoor chair in the As-Is section that would be so comfy to curl up in outside with a book. But there was no convincing my fella. “You don’t sit outside,” he said. “Because I don’t have this chair!” I replied, sinking into the thick white cushions with a smile. Yes I’m an indoor cat through and through but the right products can make all the difference. I mean, I’ll still choose shade over a sunny patch (the sun! it burns! πŸ₯΅) but give me a comfy chair and a great sunscreen (and a cold Diet Pepsi) and I’ll enjoy myself a heck of a lot more. Speaking of sunscreen, today’s box has a great one and more besides. It’s Beachly Beauty Box, a quarterly subscription that delivers 4 to 6 beach-inspired, clean and cruelty-free beauty products worth more than $75 USD.Β The summer box is curated to keep your skin protected, hydrated and glowing all season long. Here’s a look.

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The Limited Edition Mother’s Day Box by Glossybox

If you like experimenting with all kinds of skincare, cosmetics and haircare, monthly beauty box Glossybox is a fun one to try. For $21 USD you get 5 deluxe and full size products valued at $75 or more. A solid value, even if one or two items are a miss. But the limited editions take it to another level. The Mother’s Day box, for example, featured $275 in product for $30 to $35 ($30 for subscribers, $35 for non-subscribers). 😲 Here’s a look.

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Glossybox May 2022

Hello! I’ve been busy packing and lining up things for next week’s move and I think we’re getting there! πŸ™Œ The house looks far, far different than it did when we were showing but I’m trying to keep a clear path to the dining room table so I can sit down and share a few more boxes before we go. Like my latest Glossybox. It’s a subscription from the US that delivers five deluxe or full-size beauty products every month for $21 USD and each box is valued at $75 or more. May’s “Perfectly Imperfect” box included a couple of surprises. (And not beauty products with dents or dings, like I first thought when I saw the theme.) Here’s a look.

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