A healthy start

Saturday mornings are for watching cartoons, playing at the park, returning books to the library and occasionally, pancakes. These oatmeal pancakes from Raising Healthy Kids are a nutritious way to start the day, full of all kinds of delicious goodness and none of the usual crap.

oatmeal pancakes ingredients

There’s a long list of ingredients, but you’ll probably have most of them in the house. You’ll need oats, milk, bananas, oat bran, ground flax, maple syrup, cinnamon, salt, baking powder, an egg and a little bit of vegetable oil.

oats and milk

The oats soak for 10 minutes. (Enough time to sneak in a Curious George.)

dry ingredients 1

Or you can go ahead and mix the dry ingredients. It’ll just take a sec.

dry ingredients 2

My sous-chef wandered off at this point so I had to put the camera aside and finish the rest. Easy enough: add the wet, stir ’til combinedΒ and fire up the griddle.


The ones I didn’t burn were delicious!

Try them and see!