Ruby Crate Spring 2022: The Teen Box πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Having a teenager is like living in a haunted house: every now and then you’ll see a figure in the corner of your eye, hear moaning, and then a door slams.

— Arlynn Lake

For a second I was like “oh maybe I shouldn’t joke” but then I came to my senses. Having a teenager is scary hard! I need all the laughs I can get! Even if my teen might read this post and give me a hard time. At this point she’d prefer I don’t mention her at all — which I understand for the most part, she’s carving out her own identity and wants to manage what’s shared about her online — but today we’re talking about a box for her so it makes sense to let you know she lit up when she saw it. Ruby Crate is a quarterly Canadian lifestyle box for girls. They have one box for tweens, another for teens, plus a new stand-alone box for older girls, Campus Crate. The Spring box for teens is the fifth one we’ve received and it’s so, so good! I feel like they really understand their subscribers. Let’s have a look.

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