Waffle sticks

Up until a few weeks ago, I could count on one hand — specifically one finger — the number of times I’d tried a homemade waffle. (Sad, right? And it was years ago too.) The hubs and I were at a beautiful little B&B in Kingston just after Valentine’s Day (because we were too cheap…

Flourless chocolate cookies

If it’s hot where you are, baking might be the last thing on your mind. You want to be out in the sunshine, walking, lounging or gardening or maybe running around with your kids. But trust me, these cookies are well worth the time in the kitchen. They’re the perfect combination of crispy/chewy goodness, with a welcome crunch from the nuts and plenty…

Chocolate avocado fudge

This week I’m all about satisfying cravings in a healthy way. And ‘tho we know a little dark chocolate can be good for you, sometimes it just doesn’t satisfy. Sometimes you want something rich and chewy and decadent and bad. This chocolate avocado fudge satisfies that deep dark chocolate craving and (bonus!) it’s good for…

Satisfying cravings

Although I try to eat healthy foods for the most part, at that time of the month, things completely fly off the rails. Salty, fatty or sweet — if it isn’t nailed down, it’s going in my mouth. And I usually feel terrible for it.

Chocolately Easter basket

This Easter basket couldn’t be any simpler. You “glue” ladyfingers to a bowl with icing, then fill the bowl with treats.