Chilling with Sudio Sweden

sudio vasa bla close up

Hey! You’re back! I hope you brought the champagne glasses ’cause it is toasty out there. Har har har. And it’s not even June! I think we’re looking at one long, hot summer but I’ve got something to help me chill — these cool Vasa Blå earphones I tried this weekend from Sudio Sweden. (Actually in Sweden!) They’re the brand’s top-of-the-line earphones, wireless and bluetooth-enabled with studio-sound quality (not that I’ve ever been in a studio to know, but the sound quality is better than I’ve ever heard) and an eight-hour battery life. Turns out Mommy can have nice things, and these are very nice indeed. Unlike this heat. I need more friends with pools.   Continue reading Chilling with Sudio Sweden