A tisket, a tasket: Five things for your tween’s Easter basket

Easter is almost here and THANK GOODNESS! I’m ready to bite the ears off chocolate bunnies and see fuzzy newborn chicks and set the table in pretty pastels for a special dinner celebrating our favourite Spring holiday. But I think I have the most fun (next to decorating eggs) building Easter baskets for my kids. Usually a few little treats tucked around a special chocolate bunny — smaller treats when the kids were smaller, and now a little more substantial. Mainly because I find so many cute things they’d like and I CANNOT RESIST. But also because I want them to really value what they get and enjoy it for a while. Today I’ve got some ideas for an Easter basket I made with my tween in mind but older and younger kids might like them just as much too.Β  Continue reading A tisket, a tasket: Five things for your tween’s Easter basket

Four fun ways to decorate easter eggs

Decorating eggs at Easter is my idea of a good time. Also, eating chocolate. But that goes without saying. Here are four fun ways of decorating we’ve tried (the eggs below are all ours) and links to the how-to’s. Hop to it and have fun!Β  Continue reading Four fun ways to decorate easter eggs

Easter baking: My favourite recipes


Happy Spring everybody! We’ve still got plenty of snow on the ground here but soon there will be buds on the trees and even sooner, Easter! Here are some of my favourite Easter baking recipes to sweeten this weekend’s festivities.Β  Continue reading Easter baking: My favourite recipes