An egg-ceptional event celebrating local, farm-fresh eggs #FarmToChef

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Egg Farmers of Canada brought chefs and foodies from coast to coast together last night for an egg-ceptional evening celebrating Canada’s egg industry and the magic that can be made when you pair some of the country’s top culinary talents with local, farm-fresh eggs. Simultaneous events were hosted by chefs Craig Flinn (Halifax), Lynn Crawford (Toronto), Patrice Demers (Montreal), Trevor Bird (Vancouver) and here in Ottawa, by chef Marysol Foucault. Here are some highlights from the Ottawa event, including links to the recipes for each egg-cellent bite. Continue reading An egg-ceptional event celebrating local, farm-fresh eggs #FarmToChef

How to make a heart-shaped hard-boiled egg

How could I keep you waiting all week on these eggs? You’ve been dying to know how to make them, yes? Mi scusa, peeps. Just things. But enough already! Let’s do this!


Sidebar: I would never actually serve these on a bed of parsley, it just happened to be the only green in the house. I picked up a bunch last week to make Aneta’s fresh quinoa salad but haven’t gotten around to it. I know, I know. Damn salad’s not going to make itself. But back to the eggs.


What you need is one of these little babies, the Eggspress heart-shaped boiled egg mould. I found it at my local stationary store, but you can also order it from amazon. It’s $8.95. Which I hope my hubby doesn’t read, as he’d probably turn as white as these eggs. “Is it gold-plated?” he’d ask. Shit, man! Don’t go spoiling my fun!


Now the directions say to boil and peel your eggs and put them in the mould when they’ve cooled, but I tried five of them that way and it didn’t work with a damn. No, you wanna work with them when they’re still hot but not so hot that you’ll burn yourself. Peel that egg under some cold water so you can handle it, then pop it in the mould straight away.


I used large eggs ‘tho the package calls for small, and most of them fit just fine.


Next, you put the mould in a cup of cold water and let it sit for 10 minutes. I put mine in the fridge. Can’t hurt, right?


Ideally you’ll open the mould after 10 minutes and have yourself one of these. That’s ideally, mind you. I tried a dozen times and got only two eggs that looked like this. (And of course they’re nowhere near as defined as they are on the package.) The others were either split at the top (which may be a large-egg problem) or heart-shaped on one side and misshapen on the other. Which ain’t worth $8.95 if you ask me. That said, I am tempted to see if it’d work better with the star shape (which you get with the heart for $4) or maybe even the bunny and the bear, because they are just so ridiculously cute. Am I a sucker? You tell me. (No don’t tell me, that would be mean.) I just really want these to work.

Have you tried any kitchen gadgets that flopped? Would you try one of these moulds?

Five things

How do you like your eggs? Scrambled, soft-poached, fried over easy? How ’bout heart-shaped?


It took me half a dozen tries Friday afternoon before I finally made a good one. Can you guess how? Maybe I’ll do a little demo on the blog this week.



I had to get a little too close for comfort to take these shots as I’m terribly scared of bees, but they looked so pretty going from flower to flower at the church down the street. What scares you?

ring toss 5

I feel like I didn’t get a lot done this week, so it was satisfying to finish another DIY for So Fawned yesterday. You’ll see the full reveal on the blog in the next couple of weeks.


It’s so great to be back at the gym and able to work out in AC. (I’m not one for the heat.) Four miles baby! Now to work on my time.


Selfie on the O-train with my iPod. (Because I am one of the few people on the planet who don’t have a cell phone. Truth!)

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Good luck, everybody! I can’t wait to see who wins!