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Norlii Box April 2021: Fika

I received the April Norlii Box in exchange for an honest review.

Ska vi ses över en fika någon gång? – Swedish for “Shall we have a coffee together some time?”

I miss meeting a girlfriend for tea or having one over for a cup, something I made a point to arrange once a month or so in pre-COVID days and always thought I should do more often. In Sweden these social coffee breaks with friends, family and neighbours are more a way of life, something people make a priority daily or even twice a day, usually accompanied by sweet baked goods (and tea or another drink if coffee’s not your thing). They call it fika (pronounced fai-kuh) and it’s said to prevent burnout, boost creativity and productivity, improve longevity, and increase happiness, among other things. It’s also the theme of the latest Norlii Box and maybe my favourite so far! The Scandinavian home and lifestyle box ships every other month from Denmark to Canada and the US. Continue reading “Norlii Box April 2021: Fika”

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Celebrating warmth, wellbeing and all things cozy with the Hygge Day Box from Hygge in a Box 🇨🇦

I received the Hygge Day Box in exchange for an honest review.

There’s a Danish proverb Söde Ord fylde kun lidt i sakken (fine words butter no parsnips) and such was the case this morning. I had every intention of getting up an hour or so before the kids to enjoy a cup of tea with a blanket and the fireplace channel, maybe put a batch of cookies in the oven for the lunches and fill the house with the welcoming scent freshly baked goodness. Start the day the best way, in a hygge atmosphere of warmth, wellbeing and coziness. But none of that happened. Instead I hit the snooze button three or four times before dragging myself downstairs to join the usual morning melee of lunch-making, homework-finding, sibling-bickering and out-the-door-getting before finally sitting down with my first cup of tea. Continue reading “Celebrating warmth, wellbeing and all things cozy with the Hygge Day Box from Hygge in a Box 🇨🇦”

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Holiday harmony by design: Norlii Box December 2020 (A Scandinavian home and lifestyle box)

I received December’s Norlii Box in exchange for an honest review. 

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you had a great weekend, whatever you got up to. I did some cleaning, made a pie, saw my bestie for a few minutes (six feet apart + 😷😷), watched The Christmas Chronicles 2 with my youngest and started on my Christmas cards — a good mix of productive, relaxing and Christmassy things. Not so much that I’m starting the week totally depleted, not so little that I’m kicking myself for not getting anything done. It’s a hard balance to achieve this time of year. Today’s subscription box is designed to help you find harmony by creating a holiday atmosphere of moderation, simplicity and beautiful design. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Norlii Box is a bi-monthly delivery of Scandinavian home and lifestyle goods. December’s box is inspired by the Swedish word ‘lagom’, which loosely translates to ‘not too much and not too little.’ And how Swede it is! 😁 I absolutely adore this box. Continue reading “Holiday harmony by design: Norlii Box December 2020 (A Scandinavian home and lifestyle box)”