Inside April’s Sweet Reads Box

I received April’s Sweet Reads Box in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

How are you doing? Up and down? Me too. But this weekend was mostly up. We had really nice weather Saturday and it felt great to sit on the front porch with a book and get some sun and fresh air. And yesterday my little guy helped me with some baking, which was super satisfying. There was lots of bickering in between and I didn’t get anything else done but it felt like a bit of a break. Maybe because I was able to carve out more “me time” than during the week. If reading this is part of your “me time” thank you for spending it with me. Today I’ve got April’s Sweet Reads Box aka “me time delivered” aka the Canadian subscription service that delivers a new novel, something to eat and drink and a few treats tied to the story every month. Three-, six- and 12-month subscriptions are available and you can purchase single boxes to gift or try. Let’s see what’s inside this one. Continue reading Inside April’s Sweet Reads Box

Mental health, Foxy Originals’ new fall/winter collection + A giveaway!

I received the pieces in this post in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.Β 

It’s World Mental Health Day and I’m frustrated. I’ve been in treatment for anxiety and depression for 20 years and for all that work, I’m still struggling. I’ve made some gains for sure (exhibit A: the fact that I’m talking about it here or anywhere) but I regularly beat myself up for getting worked up about things that I think most people wouldn’t give a second thought. For example, I’ve got two events coming up in the next month that I should be looking forward to — book-related events I’ve paid to attend — but the closer they get, the more dread I feel. It’s this downward spiral of “I’m not smart enough/funny enough/entertaining enough to be there” combined with “I need to lose 10 to 15 pounds by then or people are going to think I’ve totally let myself go and I’m going to hate every picture.” (My heart is pounding just writing this.) How does any of this relate to Foxy Originals‘ new collection? I’m getting to it. Continue reading Mental health, Foxy Originals’ new fall/winter collection + A giveaway!

Currently coveting

Happy Tuesday, everybody! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was relaxing and fun, with a couple of free craft workshops at Bayshore with friends on Friday and Saturday (we made macrame plant holders and denim scrunchies with Victoria from Handmade Jungle), an early spin class at The Dailey Method yesterday morning and much lounging yesterday afternoon. I’ve got a batch of pumpkin muffins in the oven that’s making the house smell really good right now and a couple of hours before the kids come home from school so I thought I’d catch you up on some things I’m loving lately. Continue reading Currently coveting