Healthy nibbles

Today I rejoined the gym after three and a half months off and I gotta say, it’s good to be back. I’ve been feeling like I let myself go to seed and missing that natural high that comes with a good workout. I’m celebrating with a tall glass of Crystal Light strawberry lemonbabe (Twitter party this Thursday, woot woot!) and smiling on the inside knowing I’ve done something good for myself.

Now how ’bout a nice healthy snack? I love to graze, so I could happily nibble all day on these lovelies.


Bocconcini skewers are one of my faves, ‘tho I can’t say the same for my girl. More for me.

cuke and tomato

The crunch of the cucumber and the cracker and the creamy little bit of cheese make these little guys a tiny party in your mouth.

fruit skewer

And we can’t forget the fruit. I bought a melon baller just so I could make these little guys. My kids liked the funky shape.

As a side note, I’m moving the Five Things feature to Sundays, so you’ll see the next one of those this weekend. And a web developer is helping me make a few minor tweaks to the blog (changing the font of the headline and the post titles, for example, since I find them a bit hard to read) so you may see some of those over the week.

Happy nibbling, friends! What are some of your favourite healthy snacks?