Norlii Box February 2022

So many of us are struggling to find balance in our everyday lives. Lately I’ve really been grappling with finding that happy medium in my media consumption, specifically related to the occupation here in Ottawa. The Swedes have a word for that happy medium: lagom or “not too much and not too little.” It’s a central part of the Swedish national mentality, says Linda Hasselbalch, founder of Scandinavian home and lifestyle box, Norlii Box. It’s also the theme of February’s edition. Every other month the subscription delivers a thoughtfully curated selection of Scandinavian home decor and accessories designed to help you create a hygge home trademarked by simple clean lines, muted colours and soft natural textures.

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Norlii Box December 2021: Scandinavian Christmas

Scandinavian Christmas traditions speak to me. There’s a lot of baking, a lot of candles, and elves leave little presents in your boots (as long as you keep them well fed 😉). So a box celebrating Christmas Scandi-style speaks to me in a BIG way. And it happens to be the theme of December’s nordic home and lifestyle box, Norlii Box. 🙌 It’s about discovering some new traditions and making them your own with a collection of festive Scandinavian goods to get you started.

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Vellabox September 2021

Did you hear Keanu Reeves is starting a candle line? He’s calling it John’s Wicks. 😂😂 Okay yes I shared that in my stories this weekend but that’s comedy gold, people! Comedy gold! 😂😂 And a propos of today’s candle subscription box, perfect for fall (happy fall, y’all!) and all the year ’round.

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