Currently coveting

It’s late afternoon on a holiday Monday and no one is particularly hungry after snacking all day, the kids are watching a god-awful movie (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp) and I’m tempted to lie down for a nap even if it means I’ll have a hard time sleeping later. (Not like that would be anything new; I’ve always been a pretty crappy sleeper.) Fall is my favourite time of the year so it makes sense that this would be one of my favourite lists to make too. Here’s what I’m coveting this month. (Some things on-point for the season, others just super fun.) Currently coveting

Currently coveting

And suddenly it’s Friday! I hope you’ve had a good week. Wednesday I put this egg-cellent iron-on patch on an Old Navy cardigan that has seen better days and I’m still so happy with it! Partly because it’s so cute, partly because I finally did something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Look out world, I’m just getting started! 😂😂 Now on to this month’s list of big loves. Currently coveting

Five things

I’ve been feeling badly for not posting last week’s highlights earlier but now that it’s Throwback Thursday, it’s totally legit! Don’t you love when things work out like that?

five things march 21

1. I thought IKEA would be mobbed last week with everyone around for March Break, but last Monday it was surprisingly quiet. (Ahh!) I restrained myself from bringing home more kitchen goods and picked up a few things from the Paper Shop instead. (Oh and meatballs, of course.) Have you seen IKEA’s new stationary, gift wrap and party decorations? I love!

2. Tuesday we woke up to more damn snow. Which was pretty and all, but for crying out loud! Enough!

3. I’m not a fan of artificial flowers, but Urban Barn is bringing me around. The downtown store was abloom with gorgeous bouquets last week when I stopped in for the Spring decor workshop.

4. Who knew falafel were so easy to make? Hubby tried Chef John’s recipe on Saturday and they turned out awesome! Have you ever made them?

5. And what a fun surprise to see my Instagram photo in the new issue of Today’s Parent magazine! (And the Spaghetti Nests with Bocconcini “eggs” are really delicious, if you want to try them.)

I’ve got another book review and some great recipes to share with you in the next couple of days. Talk soon!

Five things

I don’t know how you can say you overindulged over the holidays because I’m pretty sure I ate all the treats. Sometimes because they were there, sometimes because they were just too good, and sometimes because I was stressed out (I’m a terrible stress-eater!). But there are plenty of other things that aren’t brownies that are really good too, and much healthier all-round. This week I loaded up on fruits and veggies to try some of the recipes in Julie Daniluk’s three-day hot detox and three-day reboot cleanse.

photo (88)

I’m not following either to the letter (see last night’s tacos) but I’m loving the recipes I’ve tried. The berry boost smoothie is a surprisingly delicious and energizing blend of mood-boosting spinach, fruit, coconut beverage, hemp hearts and a few other things, and the broccoli blender soup is also tasty and satisfying.

broccoli soup

Have you ever tried a detox or a cleanse? How did it go?

photo (86)

A shout-out to 1Milk2Sugars PR for their speedy delivery of the Clarisonic prize package I won from My Fash Avenue just before the holidays. It arrived this week in this beautiful box full of items (including a Clarisonic Aria — woot!) to make my skin clean, clear and younger-looking. Have you joined the #sonicrevolution?

ikea grey

Yesterday we went to IKEA for the first time in a couple of months and look what’s arrived since our last go-round! The IKEA Paper Shop! It took everything in me not to load a cart with all the pretty decorations, stationary, wrapping paper and washi tape.


And speaking of stationary, look for a giveaway this week for your chance to win this More Is More notebook from The Red Bow and some my other faves from Chapters and Target.

Have a good week everybody!


I don’t collect anything per se, but I can’t resist a cute roll of washi tape (aka Japanese paper tape). Today I’m sharing my wee inventory. Just a baker’s dozen. Hardly gonna land me in an episode of Hoarders.


washi doggie 2

I keep them in a clear plastic box where I can see them, and then one out in this doggie (Target!) for everyday use.


red washi tape

IKEA put out some washi tape at Christmastime. Half of these red ones are from there, while the others are from a Valentine collection at Loblaws.

black and white washi tape

Now these, these are high-end. I splurged on them at Michael’s a few years ago when their selection was limited to one small rack. Now they have dozens, from a wide variety of brands.

blue tape and scissors

Are you a collector? What’s your prized collection?

Rhubarb chiller

After several nights of tossing and turning in the sticky heat, we’ve finally got a bit of a break in the weather. Today is my kind of day: warm enough for flip flops and bare legs, breezy enough for a light sweater. I do much better in more temperate weather, and even better with a refreshing drink like this one by my side. It’s a mocktail, but you could easily splash in some booze if you choose.

For one rhubarb chiller, you’ll need:

  • 2 ounces IKEA rhubarb drink concentrate (yay, IKEA!)
  • 250 ml sparkling water (mineral or otherwise)
  • A handful of ice cubes

IKEA syrup and pellegrino

I know some of you feel like you need a drink after a trip to IKEA, so this is like, perfect!

pouring syrup

So you pours your rhubarb concentrate over your ice cubes. Take a big sniff. Oh it smells so good already!

If you’re feeling fancy (and even if you’re not), you can jazzy it up a with a pretty garnish. A rhubarb stalk would’ve been perfect for this drink but they’re out of season here so I put a fresh Ontario strawberry on a bamboo skewer for swizzling and added the lemon because I had one in the fridge.

pouring pellegrino

Then add your sparkling water. Glug glug glug glug.

rhubarb chiller

Give it a little stir with your swizzler and there you have it, one tasty rhubarb chiller.

I knew you were feeling nibbly, so I put out a little snack.

sahale nuts alongside

Have you tried Sahale crunchers? They’re tasty little packages of flavoured almonds. These ones have cranberries, sesame seeds and honey.

rhubarb chiller 2

Enjoy your summery drink! And maybe make another for a friend.

What’s Swedish for delicious?

Have you ever been to IKEA on a weekday? I was there on Monday with my father-in-law — he to pick up a second side table for his living room; me to get another cushion cover and pillow for mine — and oh my gosh, it was positively peaceful. All kinds of room to walk through the store, no line-ups at the cash and plenty of chairs and tables free in the bistro to sit and have a frozen yogurt before leaving.

I almost managed the impossible — leaving the store with nothing but what you came for — but the food section called to me on the way out and I found myself picking up a multigrain bread mix too. (Our freezer is already well-stocked with meatballs.) I’ve wanted to try it for a while and it looked like a fun thing to make with the kids.

Why there’s one of my little sous-chefs now!

bread mix 2

ikea pouring

You pour 20 ounces of water directly into the carton, shake vigorously for 45 sections, then pour into a loaf pan and let rise for 45 minutes before baking.

We shook the heck out of that thing but couldn’t get the flour out of the bottom of the carton so we poured the contents into a bowl to stir with the mixer like we would any other bread dough.

ikea pour

The mixture was awfully wet so we added about a cup of flour until it came together like a dough, then left it to rise.

It didn’t grow except for in the oven, where it rose into a dense, seedy loaf.

ikea bread

What’s Swedish for delicious? One thick slice of this bad boy and you’ll be ready to climb a mountain or assemble a bookcase.

It would be so good with jam or thinly sliced with smoked salmon, but it stands up perfectly well as is.

Have you tried IKEA’s bread mix? What can’t you leave the store without?