Norlii Box August 2022: Welcome

We have a long way to go before we’re organized but I’m so happy with this little vignette in the entryway, made complete with some special pieces from August’s Norlii Box. It’s a Scandinavian home and lifestyle subscription from Copenhagen, Denmark that features some of the best of Scandi style from renown nordic brands. This month’s theme is “Welcome” and it’s got four thoughtfully curated items to refresh your entryway and help you and your guests feel at home.

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Norlii Box June 2022: Swedish Midsummer

The latest edition of Scandinavian home and lifestyle box Norlii Box honours one of the most celebrated holidays in Sweden — Swedish Midsummer, held this year on June 25. It’s the longest day of the year and famously marked by singing and dancing around the maypole, making flower wreaths and enjoying a traditional lunch outdoors. June’s Norlii Box features a lovely assortment of items for a Midsummer lunch, ‘tho I already know I’ll be using them year-round.

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Norlii Box February 2021: Nordic Bathing Traditions

I received February’s Norlii Box in exchange for an honest review.

The weekend felt like one long squabble and more than once I took to the tub for refuge. Which isn’t something I’m inclined to do; usually I try to make my escape tunnelling through a carton of frozen yogurt (‘tho I did some of that too). What got me there (apart from the squabbling) was the latestΒ Norlii Box. It’s a bi-monthly delivery of Scandinavian home and lifestyle goods that ships from Denmark to Canada and the US. February’s box celebrates Nordic bathing traditions with a selection of spa-bath items to do wonders for your wellness. Wonder what’s inside? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Continue reading Norlii Box February 2021: Nordic Bathing Traditions