At Home: Sarah Style by Sarah Richardson

At Home Sarah Style cover

Years ago I went to a lecture at the University of Ottawa by Margaret Atwood, followed by a signing of her then-latest novel, Alias Grace. I was daunted by the opportunity to meet her (I’d seen Margaret and her daughter shopping at Jacob in Hazelton Lanes the year before but had been too shy to introduce myself) and pretty sure everyone around me could hear my heart beating out of my chest as I joined the impossibly long line to the table where she sat autographing books. Inching through Tudor Hall, I rehearsed what I’d say when I got to the front. I’d straighten my shoulders, look Margaret straight in the eye and say: “As long as you breathe, write.” (What cheese!) I don’t know if I’d read that somewhere or made it up but I thought it was poetry. Margaret would see that we were kindred spirits — she the Anne to my Diana! — and a lifelong friendship would begin. “As long as you breathe, write. As long as you breathe, write.” Round and round it went in my head. Finally Margaret was in view — five more people to go! — and a handler took my book, asked me my name, and scrawled it on a post-it note he slapped inside the front cover. Suddenly I was standing directly in front of her and she raised her head to look at me. I opened my mouth and whispered “As long as you write, breathe.” (Nooooooooo!) I felt my face flush beet-red. Margaret blinked, then lowered her head to sign and I was jostled ahead to receive my book from another one of her people. I don’t know if she even heard me, but I thought I’d die of embarrassment. My one chance to speak to slash befriend Margaret Atwood (the Margaret Atwood!) and I blew it. Royally.Β  Continue reading At Home: Sarah Style by Sarah Richardson

Five things

You know those rare moments you desperately want to capture on camera only you can’t take a decent photo to save your life? That. I’m just home from the most fantastic, unusually glamorous week in Toronto and I have maybe two or three pictures I’m happy with, dammit. Pictures are all! I would have loved to show you great shots of the makeover station, smoothie bar and festive tablescapes at Wednesday’s special event for Target REDCard holders at the Toronto Stockyards, but they’re just, I don’t know, meh. This is the best I’ve got. Fortunately it was also the highlight. I mean, Sarah Richardson! Woot!

photo (51)

The accomplished decorator, designer and television host signed copies of her new book, Sarah Style.

I also attended the fashion and beauty blogger conference, Spark Sessions, saw a taping of CityLine and a live show of The Social and snapped up some great goodies from the new TOMS for Target line. (One for one for all!)

The week before, my favourite flower shop, Bloomfields, was just starting to introduce a few holiday items into the mix. Among the gorgeous hand-tied bouquets and cactus in the cutest little pots were the most charming Christmas ornaments, the little foxes in the drawer. Don’t you love?

Bloomfields collage

The kids asked for seconds of this Easy Skillet Chicken Parmesan, so we’ll add it to the rotation.

campbells easy chicken skillet 2

Influenster sent us a copy of the new Monopoly Jr. to review (more on that in another post).

monopoly junior for blog

And my latest DIY was published on So Fawned Lifestyle (formerly So Fawned). Will you try my DIY mason jar cake plate?

cake plate final

Or maybe just the doughnuts. That’s fine too.

Have a great weekend, everybody!