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  • Five things

    Five things

    I don’t know how you can say you overindulged over the holidays because I’m pretty sure I ate all the treats. Sometimes because they were there, sometimes because they were just too good, and sometimes because I was stressed out (I’m a terrible stress-eater!). But there are plenty of other things that aren’t brownies that are […]

  • A tough sell

    A tough sell

    The fresh pea and edamame soup in the latest issue of Today’s Parent magazine has all the delicious goodness you want to get into your kids. But can you? Could I? I tried tonight. Apart from the mint and the feta, I had everything in the house. (Frozen peas and edamame are totally okay.) Boil, strain, […]

  • Cauliflower soup

    Cauliflower soup

    I’ve tried several recipes from the fab EMMA Magazine and they taste as good as they look. The cauliflower soup is one of my favs. Perfect for an early-Spring day when there’s still a bit of a chill in the air. What’s your favourite soup recipe?