Norlii Box June 2022: Swedish Midsummer

The latest edition of Scandinavian home and lifestyle box Norlii Box honours one of the most celebrated holidays in Sweden — Swedish Midsummer, held this year on June 25. It’s the longest day of the year and famously marked by singing and dancing around the maypole, making flower wreaths and enjoying a traditional lunch outdoors. June’s Norlii Box features a lovely assortment of items for a Midsummer lunch, ‘tho I already know I’ll be using them year-round.

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Peruse May 2022

If you’re looking to try a book box around $50 USD and want to know the book in advance, today’s subscription might be just the one for you. It’s called Peruse, and it’s a monthly box that delivers one new release (literary fiction or mystery/suspense β€” whichever stream you choose) and three to four items to complement your reading experience, plus recipes and discussion questions. Yesterday I shared April’s literary fiction box and today I’ve got May’s mystery/suspense. (Peruse sent me this one to share with you.)

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The Mother’s Day Box from Hygge in a Box πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Motherhood taught me just how far I can let myself go and still be okay with it.

The first couple of months of motherhood are a blur but I do remember feeling like every time I ran into someone I was wearing the same stretched-out, spit-up-stained t-shirt. Self-care goes out the window when you’re just trying to survive. Even now that my kids are teens and the demands are different (much easier in some ways, much harder in others), “me-time” often ends up at the bottom of the list. So I love the Mother’s Day Box from Hygge in a Box. It’s a special edition thoughtfully curated to help moms practice some self-love and enjoy hygge-filled moments.

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