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  • Summer accessories

    Summer accessories

    While we’ve still got a few weeks left of summer, part of me is itching to put away this season’s clothes and fill my closet with my favourite cozy layers. Part of it is the compulsion to get organized that always comes with this time of year, part of it is the real need to […]

  • Summer surprise garland

    Summer surprise garland

    Summer’s long days leave plenty of time for spontaneous fun. Only I like my fun a little more planned. 

  • What’s doing for Summer?

    What’s doing for Summer?

    Saturday marks the first day of Summer. Do you have a list of things you’re wanting to do? This one inspired me to write my own. What’s on yours? Eating / Strawberries we picked ourselves. Drinking / More of these strawberry watermelon daiquiris. Practicing / How to write without over-thinking too much. Mastering / Video Games on […]