Catching up with Sweet Reads Box: May 2022 (The “Every Summer After” Box) 🇨🇦

Hi, hello! I hope you’ve been well! We’ve reached peak summer here in Ottawa in terms of heat (so hot! 🥵) and construction but I’m in no hurry to see it go. Okay maybe the heat, but the construction can stay if it means they’re making progress on the LRT. I still have so many great summer books to read, including May’s Sweet Reads pick, which the co. was kind enough to hold onto for me ’til we settled a bit after our move. It’s “Every Summer After” by Carley Fortune, and from everything I’ve seen and heard it’s the book of the summer. Sweet Reads curated a fantastic box around the story and I’ve got it here for you today. A limited quantity are still available to order, so if you like what you see snap it up! (That link will take you to the single box, but you can also buy it with the “Lessons in Chemistry” box and save some $ at the same time.)

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The Summer Luxe Box from Sweet Reads Box 🇨🇦

Hello from our new house! We’ve got most of the basics unpacked and put away so I’m taking a break, hoping to finish this post before the kids call me outside to watch them jump on the trampoline. The people who lived here before left it for us so that was a bonus. 😀 Unfortunately they also left a bathtub that leaked through the kitchen ceiling the first time we used it. 😩😩 Plus a few other surprises. But that’s how it goes. I still think we did the right thing in moving and the extra space is such a luxury. Speaking of luxury, Sweet Reads Box recently shipped its largest and most luxurious box yet. The limited edition Summer Luxe Box was curated to provide “a seasonal reset and summertime relaxation.” Here’s a look.

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Sweet Reads Box April 2022 🇨🇦

Sweet Reads Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you a newly released novel, something delicious to eat and drink, and a few items cleverly tied to the story to round out your reading experience (think great-smelling candles, marvellous mugs, delightful bath and body products, lovely stationery and other surprises). You can subscribe for three months, six months, or a year or order single boxes to try, including a number of limited edition boxes released throughout the year. A limited number of past boxes and other products are available while supplies last, including the April box I’m sharing today. Here’s a quick look inside.

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