Looker: A Novel by Laura Sims

Simon and Schuster Canada gave me a digital ARC of Looker: A Novel in exchange for an honest review. Here’s what I think. 

Have you read your first book of 2019? Mine was Laura Sims’ new psychological thriller, Looker: A Novel. It was also the first book I’ve ever read on my phone. I’m old school — I love the smell and feel and weight and look of books! — but the digital copy was the only ARC available and I really REALLY wanted to read it so I gave it a whirl. I thought reading on my phone would bother my eyes but that wasn’t an issue. (Maybe because I’m always on it anyway.) But it DID feel weird to not have a hard copy to share and read again and have around, so I bought one. It’s SO SO GOOD!  It’s about a woman whose obsession with the actress who lives across the street turns terribly wrong.  Continue reading Looker: A Novel by Laura Sims

The Widow by Fiona Barton

Everyone wants the story. What did she know? Glen Taylor, the prime suspect in a child abduction case gone cold, has been dead a week and his reclusive widow Jean Taylor is finally ready to talk. At least to Kate Waters, the cunning journalist who gets Jean to open up (to a point) and maybe with some luck to Detective Bob Sparkes, the lead investigator on a four-year-old case he can’t let go. But can we trust what Jean says? Who is manipulating whom? And where is Bella Elliot, the two-year-old taken from her front garden one afternoon when her mother left her on her own for “just a few minutes”?  Continue reading The Widow by Fiona Barton