Norlii Box August 2022: Welcome

We have a long way to go before we’re organized but I’m so happy with this little vignette in the entryway, made complete with some special pieces from August’s Norlii Box. It’s a Scandinavian home and lifestyle subscription from Copenhagen, Denmark that features some of the best of Scandi style from renown nordic brands. This month’s theme is “Welcome” and it’s got four thoughtfully curated items to refresh your entryway and help you and your guests feel at home.

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Currently coveting

Photo: @ahousetomakeourhome

Yesterday I said finding an affordable house in this market is like looking for a grain of sugar in a salt shaker and then wouldn’t you know, something sweet came up last night. Well maybe “sweet” is a stretch. It’s a fixer-upper but it’s roomy and do-able for the price, but how much renovating do we want to be doing and do we need that much house? I hope we can get in to look at it in the next day or two. More news to come! In the meantime here’s some other things sweet things I’m eyeing.

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Spring has sprung Scandinavian-style with April’s Norlii Box

Spring has been slow to arrive here in Ottawa (we had snow just last night!) but according to the forecast it’s going to turn around this week with a mix of sunshine and rain to help all the good things grow. πŸ™Œ In the meantime Scandinavian home and lifestyle box Norlii Box has inspired me to get our indoor garden going with April’s lovely Spring theme. Every other month the subscription delivers a thoughtfully curated selection of Scandinavian home decor and accessories designed to help you create a hygge home trademarked by simple clean lines, muted colours and soft natural textures.

Nature plays a significant role in Scandi style. In addition indoor gardening is more popular than ever; houseplants are a great way to invite nature indoors and soften the minimalist home.

— Norlii

Let’s take a closer look. (Psst! April’s box is still shipping so if you like what you see you can order it up!)

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