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And suddenly it’s Friday! I hope you’ve had a good week. Wednesday I put this egg-cellent iron-on patch on an Old Navy cardigan that has seen better days and I’m still so happy with it! Partly because it’s so cute, partly because I finally did something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Look out world, I’m just getting started! 😂😂 Now on to this month’s list of big loves.

This cushion cover goes on sale tonight for 20% off. That’s still more than I want to pay but it would go with two other plain white ones I just picked up at IKEA for $5 so maybe spread the cost over three cushions and it’s not so bad?

Speaking of pillows, my tween and I tested this memory foam pillow at Simons last weekend and OMG, it was comfy! (And it’s on sale too! It must be a sign.)

And speaking of Simons (I am killing it with the segues, LOL), how cute are these sloth socks they carry? Don’t you love?

If you’re in the market for a dutch oven, please tell me you’ll get this one in macaron. (I love Le Creuset too, but there’s something about this simple design that’s timeless.)

Need this art print.

Every month or so I pop in to my favourite flower shop to see if they have a pilea plant (the one here on the cover of this book) but inevitably they’ve just had two or three in and they’ve all sold out.

I’ll pick up anything artist Timothy Goodman puts down, so I love his collaboration with Guess.

Double okays for this postcard by Vancouver artist Hiller Goodspeed. (I have Buy Olympia’s social justice kitten postcards and they are HILARIOUS.)

Books: Verity (as recommended here by Grace Atwood — I love LOVE her monthly reading recaps); Bunny; and Cordially Invited: A Seasonal Guide to Hosting any Occasion and Making a Memory out of Every Day.

And no list is complete without all things cats (do check out the social justice kittens) so herewith only the best ice mold, which you could probably use for chocolate or soap too. Or jello! Now that would be cute! Okay it’s going in my cart.

One more thing: I’ve got some giveaways running for some highly covetable things you might like. I’d hate for you to miss out on this Mama necklace, these super fun greeting cards, Happiness is Baking and The New Plant Parent. Go, go!

What marvellous things are you coveting this month?

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  1. Suzie B

    I am LOVING the egg patch – beyond cute! I almost want a hole in my sleeve so I can have one lol

    I would actually recommend looking on FB Marketplace for baby pilea. They are hard to come by BUT if people have them they produce babies like mad. We had a local green house selling them briefly and I am now seeing lots of babies online for a very reasonable price 🙂

  2. Creative Cat

    That egg 🍳 patch brings me joy! Great idea.

    1. try small things

      Thanks CC! ❤️ I thought about putting one on the other elbow too like Studio DIY but I think I’ll save it for something else. A tee? Jeans? A jean jacket? So many egg-cellent possibilities! ❤️

      1. Creative Cat

        A ball cap? Lol

  3. Phyllis

    Coveting……let’s start with put this egg-cellent iron-on – very cute and the cushion cover – although not white and all the fun stuff by Timothy Goodman and the social justice kitten postcards – all of them pls. and the very fun ice mold.
    Or none of the above, because I have a lot of stuff and am purging not collecting but doesn’t mean that I don’t love them.
    But then again would be fun to have some of the Timothy Goodman apparel. I mean who can ever have enough fun clothes.
    Oh and yes. coveting a new / newer car because mine is biting the bullet. But that’s another story.

    1. try small things

      Don’t you love that elbow patch? I am just so pleased with it! ❤️❤️❤️

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