🍬 Squish Gummy Lover Club 🍬 ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¦

A coworker and I were talking at the end of a long shift.

Me: Dang, my back is killing me.

Coworker: Join the club.

Me: Is it like a back support group?


I don’t why I thought I needed a joke to warm you up for this post. If you’ve read this far you’re probably smiling already. I mean, a club for gummy lovers! What’s not to like? 😀 We’ve been fans of Montreal artisanal candy co. Squish since day one so when I was ordering some of their gummy gift boxes for Christmas and saw they’d launched their own subscription service I was like tell me more! Available in classic and vegan and shipped every other month, the highly giftable Gummy Lover Club offers subscribers the chance to sample a curated assortment from some 50+ gourmet gummy flavours plus collectible stickers. Squish sent me December’s classic delivery to try. Shall we take a look?

The subscription ships in this super cute mailer, a cushioned pink envelope that is 100% compostable. More than just a pretty face, this packaging. 😉 And how adorable, am I right? It’s like a squishy cotton-candy-coloured pillow with all of your gummy dreams inside.

I fished out the stickers straight away and they’re just as cute as can be. And I’m so, so happy they didn’t get squished in the mail! I know the co. is careful not to over-package but a cardboard backing might help prevent the stickers from getting rumpled.

I was surprised Squish didn’t include a product card or wee note to say hello. Even a “Welcome to the Club!” on the back of the stickers would’ve been great. Ideally I’d like a brief guide to the gummies inside — perhaps printed on a postcard you could send to a friend to share the gummy love.

Each delivery includes four small bags of gummies and one surprise sample. Strawberry rhubarb is one of our faves! I’m going to share the descriptions from their website in italics because they’re miles better than I could ever come up with but I really think Squish should put these on a product card too.

An instant classic! These strawberry shaped gummies look like we picked them right off the vine. With visible fruit pieces and real fruit juices, indulge yourself with a true fan favourite.

The small bags are all around 100 grams (this one is 120 g), contain about three servings and generally sell for $6.50.

Next are these vegan cotton candy belts, which you’ll be able to see a little closer with the rest of the gummies in a bit.

There is nothing we love as much as eating a gummy strip. The nostalgia, the texture, the sour sugar crystals – all add up to our favourite gummy experience. Explore a flavour that is whimsical and reminiscent of carnivals you attended as a kid – Cotton Candy! The best part? There is no limit to how you can playfully eat a candy strip – The choice is yours. But if you ask us, we think playing with candy is the best!

My December delivery is the classic rather than vegan but I think it’s smart they included a vegan pick too — some people might not try them otherwise and they’re just as delicious as the regular varieties. 😋😋

You can find more info about Squish ingredients here in their FAQs.

I’m on a banana-everything kick and these banana orange gummies hit the spot. (And nobody else in the house likes them so I get them all to myself.)

Like a banana split, these two-layered bananas feature one-half banana and one-half orange with real fruit pieces and juice bursting from the inside. Looking for unique textures too…we’ve got another split for you: half chewy half gooey.

To me they’re all chewy but you know, to each their own.

And last for the small bags, raspberry blackberry.

An all-time candy classic, these red and black raspberries have a fruity flavoured jelly inside and a crunchy seed outside. Made with real fruit extracts these berries look amazing in a beautiful fruit bowl in the kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom…really there is no room for you to say no!

I love the bright flavours and they’re definitely easy on the eyes but I’m not sold on the sprinkles. Do I need crunch with my gummies? Personally I think they just get in the way of all that chewy goodness.

That’s the raspberry there.

And last a mini sample of what I think are the vegan sour rainbow bears. (There’s no name on the package.)

Get ready to explore a spectrum of vegan & fruity flavours ! These magical rainbow coloured bears are dusted in a sour sugar-coating and hold a variety of six different delicious fruity flavours! In banana, blueberry, strawberry, grape, orange and lime flavours – You won’t be able to bear being without them!

“bear” without them 😂😂 That’s the truth! Another delicious fave!

(Update: They’re another vegan treat, avocado dreaming. Thanks to Squish for letting me know!)

Let’s take a look at all of the gummies up close.

The Squish Gummy Lovers Club is $20 CAD + $8.99 shipping/month. If my math is correct, you get about $30 worth of product (gummies + stickers) and then the shipping is on top. You can cancel the subscription or skip a month any time, which is great, but almost $9 in shipping stings a bit. I wouldn’t blink an eye at $6 or or $6.50 in shipping per bag but I understand they may not have a lot of wiggle room on this point. Maybe $29/month including shipping? I’m sure they’ve focus-grouped all kinds of options but personally I like the sound of that much better. “Free” shipping feels like a deal.

Okay I’m going to stop talking now and turn it over to you. Are you a Squish super fan? Is a Gummy Lover Club a dream? What else would you like to see? ❤️

Squish sent me their December Gummy Lover Club in exchange for an honest review.

12 responses to “🍬 Squish Gummy Lover Club 🍬 ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¦”

  1. I’ve never had the “Squish” brand but do love a gummy kind of candy … jube jubes, would be my go to but certainly want to try these yummies out. Love the thought of all those great flavors and your pictures make my mouth water. I hope that the mfg pay heed to your well thought out commentary and….right, who needs crunch in our gummies? As always love your pics and who can’t adore your checker board look !

  2. I feel like you have completely changed and expanded my Squish options – no idea so many options. Raspberry ones look amazing! And you know I’m a huge sticker fan! So cute!

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