Love Aiki Quarantine Box May 2020

I received Love Aiki’s May box in exchange for an honest review.

Okay we are flying through the summer and I have a few things I need to catch you up on, STAT. Love Aiki is one of them. The subscription box delivers four to five full-size organic and natural skincare products customized to your skin type every other month. May’s Quarantine Box offered subscribers an element of surprise with three new products and a choice of three products from previous boxes. (You might remember seeing Love Aiki’s November and July 2019 offerings here.)

Love Aiki May 2020 product card

Love Aiki offers three subscription options (all prices in USD):

  • Gift a box commitment-free for $29.99
  • A bi-monthly subscription for $38.99/box
  • A three-month subscription for $104.97/three boxes

Shipping in North America is free for subscribers and $8.99/box for non-subscribers who purchase a gift box delivered in North America. Love Aiki ships worldwide (international shipping costs vary).

Now let’s see what’s inside.

Love Aiki May 2020 Linne Refersh Mineral Mist

Linné Botanicals Refresh Mist ($8/120ml)

Mist face, neck and body with Refresh to hydrate skin as needed and enhance the absorption of other products. Contains ingredients know to reduce inflammation, minimize pores, promote elasticity, suppress bacterial infections, and stimulate, oxygenate and protect cell health. 

Face mists are one of my favourite beauty products and I loved this one from November’s box. It’s light and refreshing and makes your skin glow. A product this good and this size might be one of the best bargains on the market, ‘tho it feels deluxe.

Love Aiki May 2020 L. Eugene Natural Skin Science Signature Face Wash

L. Eugene Natural Skin Science Signature Face Wash ($29/2oz)

This gentle, natural organic face wash provides a deep cleansing without stripping the oils from your skin. It quickly and effectively removes dirt, oil, and makeup with a lathering formula while soothing red or acne prone skin and leaves you with clear, radiant skin!

My first Love Aiki box was last July’s so I didn’t get to try this face wash from the box before. And it’s just what my skin needs. Gentle but effective and doesn’t irritate my skin. (Mine has redness in the T-zone and breaks out at the most inconvenient times, ‘tho knock on wood it’s been surprisingly clear the past several months.)

Love Aiki May 2020 Break-Out Spot Treatment

Rosen Skincare Break-Out Spot Treatment ($12/11ml)

Tired of the same calamine/alcohol spot treatments? That’s why we made Break-Out, the super simple paste for bumps and breakouts. With easy application and an even easier ingredient list, this overnight spot treatment can help you feel smoother after just a few uses. Main ingredients: peppermint, apple cider vinegar, coconut. 

Speaking of break-outs, I’ve been applying this little miracle at the first sign of a spot and it’s been stopping those little jerks in their tracks. The peppermint is cooling and feels great on the skin and the stay-put formula keeps it on and working its magic overnight.

Love Aiki Niu Body Pina Colada Sugar Lip Polish

NIUBODY Piña Colada Lip Scrub ($13/5g)

Piña Coladas = summer in a glass. Our Piña Colada lip polish? Just as delicious and also reveals the softest pout possible. Sugar to exfoliate off dead cells and rich oils to moisturize, this baby will quickly become the sweetest part of your beauty routine.

Love Aiki tucked this extra treat from July’s box into May’s for me (thank you Love Aiki!) and it’s one of my favourite scrubs. Makes my lips super soft, feels great and smells divine. 🎵 If you like Piña Coladas… 🎵 you’ll love this too.

Love Aiki May 2020 Province Apothecary Invigorating and Balancing Toner

Province Apothecary Invigorating & Balancing Toner With Rose & Geranium ($18/30ml)

Our cooling floral essence-based toner is a vital part of your everyday skincare routine, feeding your skin nourishing botanicals and re-balancing after cleansing. The alcohol-free formula hydrates and smooths skin without disrupting the natural pH, controls the appearance of oil, and enhances the absorption and performance of oil serums for firmer skin.

I’m obsessed with this toner/mist. It’s another from a past box that I hadn’t tried and it’s become one of my favourite beauty products. Every spray is like a quick trip to the spa. So refreshing, so great-smelling, so cooling and skin-hydrating. I’m sure I used it every day, a couple of times a day, and it still lasted a month and a half. Really hope to see it again in a future box but I’m going to restock in the meantime. It’s that good.

Love Aiki May 2020 Shelby Naturals Multi-Purpose Sanitizer 1

Love Aiki May 2020 Shelby Naturals Multi-Purpose Sanitizer 2

Shelby Naturals Hand Sanitizer ($12/60ml)

A multi-purpose sanitizer that highlights strong antiviral, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial ingredients. Main ingredients: lemon essential oil, sweet orange, white grapefruit. 

I find it hard to get excited about a hand sanitizer but it’s perfect for the times, especially now that we’re able to get out and about a bit more. This one leaked a bit so I’ve been toting it around in a baggie and I’ve been glad to have it on hand. (pun intended) Not overly drying or stinky like so many others.

Love Aiki May 2020 Schmear Rosehip and Sea Buckthrom face oil

Schmear Naturals Organic Rosehip & Sea Buckthorn Antioxidant Face Oil ($34/30ml)

This blend is composed of 100% plant- and food-based ingredients to nourish your skin naturally. An amber blend of organic, virgin botanical oils for normal, dry or dull skin. This lush formulation of nourishing ingredients is quick to absorb and rich in omega 3 and 6 and antioxidants. Oils like baobob, sea buckthorn and carrot seed deeply moisturize and help create a protective barrier on your skin. With subtle notes of geranium and lavender, this oil leaves your skin feeling silky and renewed. 

I don’t like using oils on my face for fear of breaking out so I gifted this one to my mom. She’s only just got it so I don’t have any feedback, but if you’ve tried it or any others, I’d love to hear what you think.

Love Aiki May 2020 full contents

Love Aiki‘s Quarantine Box is valued at $126 (including my bonus lip scrub). For $38.99 with delivery, that’s pretty fantastic. It’s helped my skin stay clean, clear and glow-y, introduced me to one of my favourite beauty products and allowed me to restock some greatest hits from past boxes. And all-natural and organic, baby! Love love love!

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