Making lasting memories trying small, simple things: Inside the Kids Hygge Box from Hygge in a Box

I received the Kids Hygge Box in exchange for an honest review.

“And what is hygge in a few words? It’s homeyness, coziness, and togetherness. It is bonding with those you love and who make you feel safe. Snuggling on the couch under a blanket with your loved ones. Going berry picking and eating more berries than are going into the bucket. Playing games with friends and family well past your bedtime.” — Hygge in a Box

Well we’ve had a lot of togetherness over the past few months and it hasn’t all been hygge (😬😬), but now that summer is winding down and school is on the horizon I feel like we’ve been at each other less and enjoying each other more. Making lasting memories trying small, simple things in all of a few minutes or an afternoon — making beeswax candles, building our first birdhouse, playing tic-tac-toe. All of the makings were in our Kids Hygge Box from Hygge in a Box. The Canadian co. curates seasonal and stand-alone collections of hygge treasures, recipes and DIYs from Canadian makers available by subscription or single box. The Kids Hygge Boxes varied but here’s a look at ours.

Kids Hygge Box Hygge Tips for the Whole Family

My kiddos are older than this bunch but the tips offered here apply to families at all stages. Tell stories, look at family albums, ask questions and really listen to the answers. (Plus many more ideas expressed more eloquently than that.) 

Kids Hygge Box DIY Bird House Kit

I’ve been sharing some of the activities from the Kids Hygge Box in my Instagram stories as we’ve been doing them, ‘tho it’s a fine balance trying to take and share photos and still be in the moment. The bird house came together in an hour and we’ll have it for years. (We just took it down to paint it, so that’s another activity we can do together.) 

Kids Hygge Box Pulled Taffy Recipe 3

I’ve been wanting to try this salt water taffy recipe but need to pick up a candy thermometer or see if our neighbours have one I can borrow. Have you ever made it? 

Kids Hygge Box Screen-Free Fun

This book has tonnes of great ideas for kids 6 to 12. We did a couple this week (donate old coats and make sun tea) and some in the past (make a ring toss, craft food faces) and there are all kinds of new-to-us activities that sound like fun too. 

Kids Hygge Box DIY Scrunchie Kit

I went to a 30-minute scrunchie-making workshop last year and they made it no-sew with fusible webbing, so I’m going to pick up some of that instead of lugging the sewing machine up from the basement. (We used to have a great little shop in the neighbourhood called Yarn Forward and Sew-On that would have carried it but I’m sure you can find it at Michaels or the hardware store.)

Kids Hygge Box bath bomb

Baths are hygge for sure. This bath bomb is called Monkey Farts 😂😂 and smells rather nice. 

Kids Hygge Box Flower Press

One day we’ll go for a nature walk and pick some wildflowers and leaves to try this flower press. Each one is handmade in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Kids Hygge Box paints

I’d forgotten how soothing painting can be. My son and I enjoyed a relaxing hour outside on our back deck painting the plaster shapes that were included.

Kids Hygge Box plaster shapes to paint

These ones!

Kids Hygge Box Robot Robby Keychain and Backpacker Cross Stitch Kit

We love the robot design on this keychain and backpacker cross-stitch kit. Follow me over on Instagram to see it come along. (I think we’ll try it this week.) 

Kids Hygge Box Beaver Creek Honey Flower Bomb Making Kit

This little kit makes up to 30 dime-sized seed bombs that can be planted or tossed in a ditch to grow beautiful, locally-sourced wildflowers bees will love. 🐝

Kids Hygge Box Papabubble candy

These adorable little hard candies are made in Toronto. This is the fruity pet mix with cats, frogs and dogs and bunnies in tangerine, lemon, lime, pomegranate, strawberry, acai berry and blackberry. 

Kids Hygge Box Mini Tape Beeswax Candle

“Bring out the candles, light a fire, build a bonfire or simply lower the lights and you’ll be providing a mood that lends itself well to conversation and connection.” — Hygge in a Box

We had a wicked rainstorm shortly after we made these beeswax candles and we lined them up along the kitchen windowsill and lit them and it felt just as cozy as can be. I’d love to make some more for gifts and to use at home. 

Kids Hygge Box X's and O's

And finally a tic-tac-toe kit that you customize with markers or paint, using the wee burlap sack as the board. Another great DIY gift idea!  

Kids Hygge Box full contents

If you missed out on the Kids Hygge Box you can enter to win one here. The giveaway ends Sunday August 23 at midnight. August 23 is is also the last day to order Hold Onto Summer Box, a special edition for anyone looking to enjoy some hygge “me time” as the season comes to a close.

How have you enjoyed some hygge this summer? What do you think of the Kids Hygge Box?

You can find Hygge in a Box on their website, Instagram and Facebook.

8 responses to “Making lasting memories trying small, simple things: Inside the Kids Hygge Box from Hygge in a Box”

  1. […] but not least, my daughter painted the bird house she and her dad built from the Kids Hygge Box. I love the colour Lily picked. (We call it Twitter blue.) Now how can we attract some feathered […]

  2. Ah…Sommerhygge. As the air has chilled ever so slightly this past week, and nightfall has arrived earlier, we remember how important it is to savour the time. This box has it all! What a wonderful way to bring family together.

  3. Wow, what a great box of goodies for kiddies….. lots to do to keep them entertained and have something to show for it. Looking forward to seeing the painted bird house… love love your pics…

    • I’d run out of ideas so this came at the perfect time! I feel like we need to give the bird house a name like The Feathered Cottage or something along those lines. Stay tuned! ❤️

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