Coziness and connection, indoors and out: the Hygge Day Box from Hygge in a Box 🇨🇦

While so many of us associate hygge with being cozy at home, just as important is getting outside in nature. Which admittedly I don’t do often enough, but I’ve been trying to do more. So I was proud of myself yesterday when I bundled up to walk to a drug store about 30 minutes away, instead of my go-to just up the street. I dressed for the weather (around 0 °C, much more civilized than late) and kept my earphones in my pocket to take in the sounds and sights on the way, even pausing on a bridge for a minute to watch the geese waddling along the river’s edge below.

I was so relaxed by the time I arrived at the drug store that I didn’t flinch at the long line to ring my purchases through. I waited patiently as the five people in front of me inched to the cash, including one with a walker and another hard-of-hearing who shouted at the cashier through the plexiglass with his mask around his chin.

Finally my turn to check out, I’d barely put my purchases on the till when the cashier looked at me and asked, “Are you a senior? Did you want the discount?”

A senior?!! 😲 I’m in my forties! (Late forties, but still!) And I just did my roots!

“I didn’t know you could smoke weed during working hours,” I said.

No of course I didn’t say that. I didn’t think of it ’til much later, as is the way. 🤦‍♀️ Instead I laughed and said no, and under my breath, cheeky young whippersnapper.

So much for getting out. I should have stayed in. 😬😬😂

Speaking of hygge, did you know February 28 was International Hygge Day? Jill and Lisa at Hygge in a Box curated a limited edition box to mark the occasion and let me tell you, it’s something special. Carefully curated with some exceptional Canadian-made products (plus two from Sweden), the Hygge Day Box is a wonderful reminder to relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Like most of their boxes — quarterly, single and limited edition — this one was available in a small and large size. Here’s a look at the large.

First up: a sweet 8 x 10 print that doubles as a product card. On the reverse are all kinds of ideas for enjoying hygge and detailed descriptions of the contents (included in italics below).

The Hygge Game · Hygge Games · Örebro, Sweden · The Hygge Game is about bringing people together by encouraging friends and family to share their stories and bond over discussions of the big and small things in life. Perfect for a night in, a small party, or a dinner with friends or family.

Caramel Sticky Bun Coffee · Toasti Bean · Winnipeg, MB · Danes love their coffee (kaffe) and memories of warm and gooey sticky buns from that familiar bakery adorn this cozy comforting coffee. Toasti Bean is proud to support women in agriculture in traditionally gender-imbalanced communities and is committed to building a network that empowers women everywhere.

Watermelon Sours · Sugarjoy · Winnipeg, MB · It’s no wonder that Scandinavians love their candy hence why Sugarjoy is all things sweet and happy. Their gourmet treats, imported from Sweden, are custom designed and produced using Scandinavian recipes and only the highest quality ingredients. Giving back is also important to them as they donate a portion of sales to worthy causes both within their community and beyond.

Black Raspberry Vanilla Bubble Bath · Smooch Bath & Body · Winnipeg, MB · Enjoy tonnes of bubbles with just a few drops. Black Raspberry Vanilla is a fruity berry fragrance with top notes of peach, coconut, wild berry, bergamot, and strawberry. All of Smooch’s products are always responsibly sourced, ethically created, and never tested on animals.

Nordic Seaside Candle in a Footed Planter · Hygge Life · Vancouver, BC · A rugged Icelandic seaside covered in midnight sand inspires this fresh outdoor scent, where the strength of bergamot, cardamom, and yuzu is tempered by cypress trees and a dusting of peppercorn and black orchid. Perfectly paired with this nordic-looking container — a beautiful touch of clean hygge decor.

Winter Cowl · Grey Matter · Ancaster, Ontario · The winter cowl scarf will be the go-to scarf you will reach for every day this winter. Outdoors or in the slender design is the perfect compliment for both sweaters and coats. The maker is a comfort craving and creator of adaptable, cozy and stylish cold-weather accessories.

Macrame Feather Kit · MoonGazing Studio · Sarnia, Ontario · MoonGazing Studio was born as a way to fundraise for a local community wildlife rescue and educational center. It soon became a business offering DIY macrame kits to creative souls everywhere. It’s a great way to get your hygge on and add cozy decor to your space.

Jill and Lisa also included recipes for Nordic tomato soup and Danish walnut kisses 😋😋 along with a number of discounts for brands in this box.

Did I not tell you it was fabulous?! The bubble bath, candle and cozy scarf are my favourite items but really Jill and Lisa didn’t put a foot wrong with this one. (They’ve very good at what they do!) By including treats for all of the senses they’ve made the Hygge Day Box something to experience, rather than simply collect (I’m here for both, BTW 🙋‍♀️), and to share if you choose. The quality of the products is first-rate and the packaging delightful too. A joy to open! A joy to enjoy!

The Hygge Day Box is sold out but there’s still time to order the next limited edition, the Mother’s Day Box. That one is available ’til April 10 unless they sell out first. For the seasonal boxes, the Spring edition is available to order both by subscription and as a single box ’til March 30.

There are also a number of other lovely hygge items (books! a tote! jewellery!) in their shopSave 10% on all products with the one-time discount loyalty10 and 15% off your first subscription box when you purchase a quarterly subscription with the code signup15.

Hygge in a Box currently ships across Canada and the US. To find out when they’ll be available internationally, sign up for the newsletter (it’s at the bottom of the page) or follow Hygge in a Box on Instagram and Facebook.

I received the Hygge Day Box in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. The candle looks lovely, and how fun to include a game! Also find these boxes such an eclectic collection of fun.

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