My latest Lip Monthly is the bomb!

I received January’s Lip Monthly in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. This review also appears on A Year of Boxes.

Lip Monthly is a subscription service from the US that delivers a variety of full-size lip products + one bonus cosmetic in a reusable pouch every month. Subscriptions start at $12.95 USD/month and each pouch is valued at $50+. February’s Lip Monthly hasn’t yet arrived but I do have January’s here for you.

Lip Monthly offers four subscriptions (all prices in USD and all products full-sized):

  • Monthly subscription: $12.95 for 4 products/month
  • Lip Monthly Plus: $19.95 for 7 products/month
  • 3-Month subscription: $38.85 for 4 products/month
  • Annual subscription: $155.40 for 4 products/month

Shipping is free in the US; $3.99 to Canada and the UK; and $4.99 to Australia.

Lip Monthly Jan 2020 Illuminati lip gloss and product card

The card that comes in the pouch doesn’t have information about the products inside (the contents vary from subscriber to subscriber) so I’m including descriptions and prices from each product’s website.

Illuminati Liquid Luxe Lip Gloss (Theory)

Dare to wear alone or on top of another gorgeous lip color! This luxurious Lip Gloss adds a beautiful shimmer and shine to your lips, and elevates your look day and night. ($21)

My tween and I don’t agree on much these days but both of us think this lip gloss looks like a 🥕 (super cute for an Easter basket!) and love the colour and shimmer. Feels lovely and creamy too. Luxe indeed.

Lip Monthly Jan 2020 South Mane Coconut lip treatment

South Mane Coconut Moisturising Lip Treatment

Our lip treatment will moisturize and heal your lips to make them soft and beautiful. ($11)

A flavourless formula with a gorgeous coconut scent. Feels lovely on and made my lips feel soft and pampered.

Lip Monthly Jan 2020 Bombshell lipstick

Be a Bombshell Lipstick (Firecracker)

A matte lipstick with a flat creamy finish. Matte finish and long lasting formula. ($12)

I rarely wear a red lip but this colour is so flattering. I really, really love it. It’s matte but doesn’t feel like it (you know how matte can be so dry). Plus it makes my teeth look whiter. Totally on board with this one.

Lip Monthly Jan 2020 Trifle Cosmetics Matte Decadence

Trifle Cosmetics Matte Decadence Multipurpose Matte Crayon for Lips and Cheeks

Elevate your lips and cheeks with this non-greasy, luscious matte crayon. Fantastic color payout and a delicious baked biscotti scent are the two things that make Matte Decadence a sheer temptation. Blended with Sugar Maple and Sugar Cane Extracts to make your skin happy and virtually irresistible. ($9)

I don’t know why I prefer a fat crayon over a skinny stick, maybe because it seems easier to apply and feels better in the hand? I love the deep, long-lasting colour and matte finish of this one. Like the Be A Bombshell Lipstick, it doesn’t feel drying. Doesn’t smell like biscotti to me but I’m getting some faint vanilla. (Vanilla’s not my favourite but it’s so subtle it doesn’t bother me.) I wouldn’t use it on my cheeks but I suppose if I was looking a little grey and had it with me it might do in a pinch. What about you? Do you use any double-duty cosmetics like this one?

Lip Monthly Jan 2020 full contents

January’s Lip Monthly is valued at $53 and I absolutely love it. Very impressed with the quality of the products and the colours and finishes are perfect for me. The pouch itself is just a flimsy little thing and obviously not the most well-made but the pattern is super cute and it’s handy for sure.

Have you tried Lip Monthly? What do you think of January’s offering?

5 thoughts on “My latest Lip Monthly is the bomb!

  1. Red is my constant lip colour and that one looks very rich and creamy. I like the colour of the pencil but have never seen the dual use for lips and cheeks… but if it works why not. Personally, not one for gloss or lip balms but I know there is certainly a market for them, so nice that it was included in the package.
    As always, kiddos to your pics…. fun and flirty.

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